Goddess Zéphyr

Let me introduce you to Goddess Zéphyr, an inspired Greek name that embodies the gentle breeze and the freedom associated with butterflies. embodying the essence of the sacred feminine and the transformative power of the day. Her butterfly wings, which shimmer with iridescent colours, symbolize life’s ever-changing nature and the soul’s journey.

Goddess Zéphyr is the source of inspiration for artists, poets, and those seeking creative expression. Her delicate and graceful wings are said to carry whispers of inspiration to those in need.

Goddess Mariposa

In the same essence, let me introduce you to the Goddess Mariposa, the Butterfly Muse.  She embodies the essence of the sacred feminine and the transformative power of the night. She is a muse for those seeking to spread their wings and embark on journeys of self-discovery and empowerment. With the profound wisdom of the night, she inspires insight, intuition, and spiritual revelation during the quiet, dark hours. Seek her guidance through dreams and meditation.

Goddesses Zéphyr and Mariposa

As the sight of a butterfly is seen as a symbol of hope, these deities embody this sense of optimism, reminding people that even after the darkest times, there is the potential for a beautiful and brighter future.

Both Goddess Zéphyr and Goddess Mariposa have the ability to summon and manifest butterfly wings on their back when desired. These wings are delicate and transparent, featuring intricate patterns, and they can be expanded or retracted at will, symbolizing transformation and freedom.

Zéphyr and Mariposa Goddess’s Message to Humanity

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