About Women’s Expressions

Our Mission

Women’s Expressions is a movement that inspires all women to undertake a sacred journey of self-discovery and self-actualization.

Our mission is to resurrect your Goddess / Feminine energy held deep within by offering information about the Goddesses in hope that it will speak to you. We will provide tools that that will aspire to awaken to your Goddess self.  

We want to guide you and support you as you walk the path of the Goddesses so you may begin to express yourself and emanate the Goddess Energy. It is our pleasure to present the marvellous Goddesses we have met on our journey and introduce our collection of the Goddesses’ attire including their clothing, headrest, jewelry, footwear and accessory. 

In providing a visual representation of the goddesses, it is our greatest desire that you feel them, see yourself through them and be part of the Goddesshood‘.

Whether you are conscious or not, we have been called to bring equilibrium of the feminine and masculine energies within you and on Earth. This was meant to be. We are all here at this time and in this space to play our role and participate in the evolution of humankind. The Aquarius age began in 2012, a 2,000-year cycle that will bring illumination, innovation, equality, balance in nature, new energy sources, new technology, new healing modalities, etc. This implies a conscious shift from separation to unification, collaboration, and oneness. 

We invite you to read the information on our Women’s Expressions website in hope it resonates with you and captures the essence of the Goddesses.

Express your Goddess Self!
Shine your Goddess Light!
Own your Goddess Power!

About WomensExpressions.com

WomensExpressions.com has opened the gateway for women from all cultures, backgrounds, and ages to become their Goddess selves. Visualizing the Goddess images and reading the information displayed on this website will help you connect with the Goddesses. You will discover yourself in a more profound way, vibrating to a higher level and becoming the Goddess that you were meant to be. You are important in the evolution of this planet; you deserve to live life to the fullest as you walk the Goddess’ path. 

The Women’s Expressions team of volunteers has been working with the Goddesses since 2011. I, Jo-Anne Landriault, founder of Women’s Expressions, have designed and developed the attires which includes the clothing, headrests, jewelry and accessories for more than 100 Goddesses.  These Goddesses identified themselves to a ‘Temple’.  They are as follows:

Temple of the First Order Goddesses  Athena, Hera, Aphrodite, Diana, White Shell, Isis,  Skadi, Fortuna, Justitia, Demeter, Frigga, Quan Yin

Temple of the Elemental Goddesses   Mother Earth (Gaïa), Positive/Negative (Yin/Yang), Space & Time, Fire, Water, Earth, Air/Wind, Desert, Mountain, Flower, Tree, Wetland, Sun, Moon, Season -Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring 

Temple of the Five-Dimensional Goddesses  – Medusa, Phoenix, Orion, Lion (Sekhmet), Mermaid, Elf, Unicorn, Swan, Fairy, Butterfly, Cocoon, Dragon, Rainbow, Scorpion (Serget), Egyptian Cat (Bastet), Elephant (Ganesha-feminine energy), Kali, Underworld

Temple of the Nation Goddesses –  Aztec/Mayan/Inca, Egyptian, Slavic, Mongolian, Japanese Warriors, White Buffalo Calf, Hindu (Shakti), Celtic (Bridgit), Africa – Oba & African Tribal,  Arctic/Iceland, Hawaiian (Lemuria), Persian

Temple of the Energy Goddesses Light, Lotus, Crystal, Sphinx, Chakra, Astral, Eagle, Lion, Owl, Crow, Zebra, Flower of Life, Isis, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Joan of Arc, Triple Moon Goddesses, Three Fates

Temple of the Oracle Goddesses –  Sun, Moon, Star, High-Priestess, Empress, Strength, Chariot, Queens suites in Tarot Cards and their equivalent Queens in the Poker Cards (Pentacles is Diamonds, Cups is Hearts, Swords is Spades, Wands is Clubs), Magician, Temperance, Fool, World, Wheel

“It has been a profound journey for me and the volunteers from the beginning of this journey. This work has been of Divine Blessing, opening each of us to new beginnings, and we have grown immensely with the Goddess Project”. 

“It is no surprise that the volunteers have witnessed the embodiment of the Goddess energy in models during the photoshoots. We have observed a reflection of the Goddesses in their most authentic forms within the models, capturing the poses and expressions with ease and grace. The White Shell Goddess was humming, which infused a sense of calmness and brought the aboriginal life and peacefulness into the room. The Isis Goddess was very authoritative and meticulous with her make-up”.

Also, we experienced the Energy of the Goddesses in different scenarios:  

  • Goddess Athena attracted two similar types of women, so both modelled the Athena costume. Each expressed confidence and power, and both behaved in the same manner at the photo session. 
  • A woman modelling two different costumes behaved differently depending on the Goddess she represented. For example, in the Goddess Fire costume, she was lively and enthusiastic; she was singing and dancing throughout the photo session. On the other hand, when donning the Cocoon attire, she was calm, mysterious, immobilized, and comfortable while enveloped in her veil.    

“I have been receiving the information from the Goddesses to implement the Goddess Project.   They have guided me in the conception of the goddess costumes and given me a visual representation of future events that will positively impact women and the community.   I am grateful for being the chosen one and dedicated to making a difference in this world. I sincerely hope we have touched you and helped you awaken to your truest and Goddess self”.


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