Temple of the Nations Goddesses

Welcome to the Temple!

We greet you to a sacred place where all nations are honored and celebrated.  The temple is shaped like a pyramid, shining with golden light. Above the pyramid, a semicircle of stars symbolizes the Goddesses’ heavenly realm. The temple walls are covered with beautiful designs that show the Goddesses’ attributes and creations. Under the pyramid floor are channels of energy (ley lines) that link to all ancient temples, monuments, and sacred sites. They form a grid of spiritual power that can be accessed by those who know how to tune in to the frequency of the crystals. 
When you enter this temple, you align with your inner and outer worlds, your lower and higher selves, your past and future. You can tap into the memories and experiences of your past incarnations in different cultural contexts.

Discover the essence of the ancient and modern Nations through their soulful expressions!

The Nations Goddesses represent Oneness, Unity, and The Sacred. They are the soul of a culture, the teachers of humanity, and their energy is most vibrant in the environment in which the goddesses implanted their seeds. They are the carriers of softness, gentleness,  compassion and wisdom. All these goddesses are in union with one another, connected through the ley lines surrounding Earth. The Nations Goddesses energy is emerging on the Nations Ancestral lands. These Goddesses work in unison with the ancestors to carry on the culture, beliefs, and values from generation to generation.

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They are the most excellent teachers of feminine qualities, starting with intuition and creation (birthing of humanity). These Goddesses have developed shamanic practices, developing healing practices from plants originating from the land. They work with the chosen ones who have re-incarnated in this time and space to help humanity. Their teaching originated from the ancestral culture of the Lemurian people, the very first nation that existed on Earth.

Their energy is vibrant in secret and crucial places (24 paired energy points) and directly connected with the Pleiadeans (Kryon, Femmes de la Lémurie; une sagesse ancestrale pour les temps modernes, Ariane Éditions Inc., 2019). In this age of Aquarius, the energy of the current and lost Nations’ energy resurges in a quantum leap and with a much higher vibration. Today, we are witnessing today the coming together of many cultures in all Nations, including aboriginal people, to change the ‘Separateness’ to ‘Oneness.’ These movements are meant to be a first approach to the Goddesses rising on Earth.

Call the Nations Goddesses within your women’s circle as they assist you in connecting through the feminine centre – the Sacral Chakra (centre of intuition). Use the power of prayers or affirmations to do greatness within your community, which will vibrate throughout your country, continent, planet, and cosmos – this is Law. Also, call them when you perform your teachings or develop your videos and become the proponent of feminine power. And most of all, gather around the mother giving birth as this is sacred. 

The Nations Goddesses within this temple are:

African tribal
Aztec Tribal
Bastet (Egyptian)
Bridgit (Celtic)
Cochamama (Inca)
Hyde (Ice Land)
Ixchel (Mayan)
Japanese Warriors
Joan of Arc
Mary Magdalene
Mother Mary
Mongolian Authentic
Oba (African)
Oya (Brazilian)
Pele (Hawaiian)
Polynesian Ethnic
Samoa (Pacific)
Shakti (India)
Three Fates
Triple Moon Goddesses
Zhiva (Slavic)
White Buffalo Calf (Indigenous)

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