Who are the Goddesses ?

New Goddess Era

The Goddess’s energy is more vivid than ever in this time and space. We frequently hear the term ‘Goddess’ in conversations; many celebrities, motivators, and mentors refer to the Goddess or Feminine Power. Goddess books and oracle cards are growing and readily available online and in stores. Women/Goddess circles are surging everywhere on the planet. 

2012 marked the end of the Aztec calendar and the Age of Pisces (years 1-2,000 AD). From this point on, the Age of Aquarius opens the gateway to collective consciousness, leading to equality, collaboration, and a spike in scientific knowledge and technology. In addition, men and women are starting to embrace their inner balance of the feminine and masculine sides. 

Today, we see a significant rise of the Goddess/Feminine power that is felt worldwide, which will eventually balance out the masculine power.  The Divine Masculine has prevailed for centuries – a reality that has been going on for more than 2,000 years – and remains very present to this day. The energy shift on Earth is a long-term process that may not be completed in our lifetime but is evolving much faster than ever before. Energy moves in spirals: the flows overlap and cross over each other. These movements in energy allow for the exponential development of consciousness and cannot be measured linearly like time. Note that the Goddess symbol has a spiral on her belly to represent the energy flow.

The Goddess Within

Goddesses have always been among us: some cultures, to this day, worship the Goddess such as in India – Quan Yin Goddess, Africa – Oba Goddess, Native Americans – White Shell Goddess,  Indies and Mexico – Pachamama (Mother Earth Goddess), to name a few. However, the concept of the goddess is nearly nonexistent in Western and European cultures, maybe because of religion. 

Regardless, now more than ever, women are starting to awaken to their divine feminine energy, performing rituals, meditation, and setting up altars to honour the Goddess. Women express their inner Goddess through creative work, dancing, drumming, and singing—thus, finding their Goddess way by living to the fullest potential. They are more aware that they are walking the Goddess path, thus ‘Living the Goddess Way‘.

You are no exception; today, the energy on Earth has opened the gateway to all of us, including men. Because we are all different, we may experience this awakening in various forms. For some, it may be the curiosity and interest in literature, myths, gospels, or riddles of the Goddesses. For others, it may be that they need to express their divine feminine more clearly through arts, music, singing, gardening, or any creative work, etc.

COVID revealed that although division still exists amongst the world’s population, the majority of the people have shown their desire and ability to help and care more for others through collaboration and giving; all are traits of the Divine Feminine – Goddess Energy.

As I find the Goddess in me, and live with her, for her and through her – so shall I examplify the possibility of this healing for all women across the globe.

– Sophie Bashford

When you identify your Goddess Nature and connect consciously with your inner self, you are in your truth and you:

Operate from a ‘heart-centered’ knowing
Rely on our intuition for guidance
Feel complete
Feel blissful
Be openhearted and happy
Understand that we are all connected
Have compassion
Serve humanity
Be supportive
Feel beautiful inside and out, accepting every aspect of yourself
Be grateful for your accomplishments in your environment
Embrace the life you were given

The Goddess resides in you; she is in every cell of your body. So, all you need to do is feel whole, be true to yourself, be alive, and recognize it all. Make space within your heart and acknowledge your Goddess self. Only then will you realize that you are a breath of the Goddess’s energy.  You think, walk, speak, and act in resonance with your True Goddess Nature, which is by far the most powerful way of living.

Your Goddess self is the key to this shift. You are here to raise the Feminine/Goddess energy and bring balance to the Masculine/God energy. This will initiate a New World Order on Earth, characterized by harmony, connectivity, collective consciousness, illumination, innovation, etc. We have entered the Age of Aquarius, which is associated with the Egyptian Cycle of the Phoenix (Emma Mildon, Evolution of the Goddess, 2018), a cycle of 2,000 years that has just begun.  This is a significant evolutionary shift.

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