The Women’s Expressions Team

Jo-Anne Landriault – Founder

In December 2010, I was inspired to develop a calendar representing the beauty of women irrespectively of age. I truly believe that everyone is special and unique. Beauty resides within and can mostly be felt by the energy one emanates. With these thoughts in mind, came the idea of creating a calendar reflecting the beauty of today’s women over the age of 35. The goal was to capture in photo the energy emanating from self-actualized women striving to achieve their highest self.

As time went by, the idea began to materialize. Little by little, I acted upon this inspiration until the calendar became reality. Along with the calendar, I decided to further develop this project by creating Women’s Expressions, an organization meant to benefit women. I am presently working with over 30 volunteers who put their time and soul in this project in hopes of one day building a career with Women’s Expressions.

There still remains a great deal to accomplish besides the calendar and the present website. However, I now realize that I have found my passion. For this reason, my drive to further expand Women’s Expressions is unstoppable. My team shares the same energy and eagerness to actualize a myriad of projects within the organization. These projects include the development of a reality show, a magazine, a clothing line, as well as the creation of a perfume and the sale of accessories. These developments will require an appreciable amount of work and substantial efforts from my part and from my team. Nevertheless, with a solid foundation, I believe we can achieve all-embracing success.

Women’s Expressions has become a movement and strives to capture the essence of today’s women. We encourage women assertiveness and self-proclamation. Our followers share their thoughts and experiences for the betterment of other women’s lives. Women’s Expressions allows women to express their personal journey as they perceive it.

Prepare to be enlightened by the Women’s Expressions movement!


Nadine Bursey – Public Relations and Marketing

Nadine_HeadShot_160Pix I am very proud to be part of Women’s Expressions. The reach and the level of success this initiative has achieved in such a short period of time impress me. I am working with an incredible team where professionalism and respect reign.

With 20 years of experience in marketing and customer service, my expertise has greatly contributed to the advancement of Women’s Expressions. Through my involvement with this organization, my ultimate goal is to create awareness and to reach out to all women.

As a marketing agent, one of my responsibilities is to find sponsors for our calendar. I am thrilled to have been given the opportunity to meet extraordinary and generous people who want to contribute to our fundraising. It is heartwarming to know that a percentage of the funds generated by the calendar sales will be given to charitable organizations benefiting women, such as women shelters.

I also help prepare the models’ clothing and I assist them in finding various poses that make them feel right and comfortable for the photo shoot. My experience as a model has significantly helped me in this area.

In the near future, I plan to organize the first Women’s Expressions fashion show fundraiser that will serve to promote our calendar. I am hoping to finalize the fashion show in the fall of 2013.

How the Women’s Expressions team qualifies Nadine: energetic, spiritual, positive, strong communicator, sociable.


Brian Cornish – Behind the Scenes

Brian is the ideal employee and perfect event organizer. He demonstrates great leadership and fulfills unthought-of tasks that facilitate the execution of any event. Working behind the scenes, Brian prepares for anything that might be overlooked by other team members. He has surprised the team with many gifts, such as Women’s Expressions t-shirts, flowers, beverages and food, and has provided assistance on many occasions, either with photo shoot staging, music, tools, etc.

Brian is the food and beverage appointee. In order to make the photo shoots more enjoyable, he provides the team with early morning coffee and pastries. During the shoot, he brings water and, on some occasions, a glass of wine or two to help calm the atmosphere. At the end the session, Brian prepares a buffet of cheese, baguettes, sandwiches, wine and fruit in celebration of a successful photo shoot.

Brian is very supportive of Women’s Expressions and is looking forward to working in our daily operations and management.

How the Women’s Expressions team qualifies Brian: considerate, caring, handy, loving, organized.


Lee-Anne Cumming – Editor

As a graduate in Literature, I am seeking to develop some of the articles displayed on the Women’s Expressions website. I will be creating a series of articles entitled Friday Night Reminiscing. As this topic strikes a chord with many of you, I would be more than happy to include your Friday night confessions.

I love writing about real life experiences. To this effect, I will be submitting stories and reviewing our followers’ anecdotes for Women’s Expressions online magazine. I am very proud to be an editor for Women’s Expressions and I hope this experience will render me a successful ghost writer.


Karen Clark – Editor

Karen_Clark_125PixI can’t remember a time when I wasn’t reading or writing stories; from grade five composition class to university papers on Women’s studies. And more recently, completing a diploma in Creative Writing, which believe it or not, introduced me to the world of Romance novels. Subjects come alive and characters develop onto their own. Recounting our own stories inspires others and connects us. Everyone has a story! I can help the authors tell them best.



Coreen Blais – Editor

I was approached by the founder of Women’s Expressions to review some of the articles being posted on the website. I enjoy reading the stories and am happy that I can contribute to the website’s success.





Flo Delorme – Editor

Flo_Edited_160PixFlo is a mother of four children, grandmother of seven grandchildren and consequently lives a fulfilling life.  An aunt the guise of  “Adopted Mom” so named by JoAnne since her own Mom’s passing, Flo appreciates sharing in the joys that warm the heart and at times the distressing moments that touch JoAnne and her family members.

Flo is a woman of many talents.  She is skillful in the art of sewing having completed the Professional Sewing program at Robinson School of Fashion and Design in Ottawa some twenty years ago.  She has fashioned all you can think of from refurbishing a baby triple stroller to design and construction of special event costumes and wedding dresses.

One of her favorite hobbies is reading.  Because of her easy writing ability, Jo-Anne was happy to recruit her services to edit and/or revise articles for posting on the Women’s Expressions website.  Flo can easily bring out the essence of a story capturing the readers’ attention to make them feel the emotions within.

For the past three years, Flo has been dedicated to compiling a family book illustrating a lifetime of events experienced by siblings and their descendants.  Her goal is to pass on the true spirit of the Breton family so that it may live within the hearts of future generations.

There is no doubt, Flo is a “lightworker”; she is attentive to anyone seeking her help.  She brings a little sunshine in any one’s day even in the darkest moments.

It is with great pleasure that we welcome Flo to our Women’s Expressions team. We will benefit from her creativity and her experience as an accomplished seamstress when designing the Goddess’ Costumes to be featured in the next Women’s Expressions calendars.

Ed MacDonald – Internet Marketing Specialist

EdMcDonald_Edited_150PixI’ve been working as a Web Developer and Project Manager for the past 15 years. Currently I own and manage SOAP Media Inc., an Internet marketing firm located in Ottawa.
Over the years, I’ve developed an expertise in Web development and Internet marketing, and have learned the best practices in website optimization for search engines. My main line of work is getting websites found onlkine through Socialization, Optimization, Analysis and Promotion. For more information, you can visit my website at Internet Marketing in Ottawa.

My goal is to create a web site for Women’s Expressions that is professional, interesting, up to the point and make it that other businesses would want to advertize on.

I challenge myself to do everything possible to render this website successful and wish to contribute to the development of its on-line magazine. I want this website to become an international success and to strike root in many different cultures.


Zoe Gervais – Editor in 2012

Always seeking diversity and challenge, I am a true Gemini. My studies clearly reflect this need for change. From a Science degree to a Business certificate, followed by Psychology studies, I developed a colourful array of expertise over the years. My education allowed me to embark upon many different projects. Although these were linked to my fields of study, I recurrently found myself gravitating towards written communication. Writing is now my line of work and has been for the past three years. I take pleasure in every moment I spend pursuing my newfound passion.

I truly value my implication with Women’s Expressions, for I believe this organization will empower women around the globe and eventually create a network of mutual help and friendship. Working as the general editor has given me the opportunity to meet great people and discover their unique life experiences. I have come to realize that we all lead interesting lives; by searching within, we can all discover a great story!

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