The Women’s Expressions Team

Jo-Anne Landriault – Founder

In 2010, Women’s Expressions burst into existence with a fiery passion to uplift the women in our community who had gone through hardships. Our mission at the time? To create calendars that raised funds for a women’s shelter and celebrated mature women’s remarkable beauty and strength, with an average age of 45, radiating the vibrant energy of self-actualization and unwavering determination to reach their highest potential. This endeavour was more than just a charitable cause; it was a transformative experience that would lead me down an unforeseen path.

As the calendar project gained momentum, I found myself immersed in the stories and resilience of the women we featured. Their experiences, laughter, and tears became integral to my narrative. It was as if the universe had conspired to reveal a greater purpose, one that was far beyond my initial expectations.

In 2016, the cosmos beckoned me towards a grander calling, and with open arms, I embraced it. From this divine inspiration, Project Goddess emerged, a cosmic gift entrusted to me for the betterment of humanity. It’s a call to embrace the divine feminine essence that resides within each of us, irrespective of our gender or even our absence of it, as we stand in this moment in time and space. We are here to harmonize the sacred balance of the divine masculine and feminine energies within ourselves and across our precious planet.

From a tender age, I carried within me intuitive gifts passed down through generations. My clairvoyant grandmother openly shared her encounters with souls who had crossed into the light. As the eldest child, I recognized my destined role of shouldering numerous responsibilities and serving my family, friends, and colleagues. At 13, I experienced something extraordinary—an awakening where my departed great-grandmother softly graced my left shoulder from the realms beyond. I realized the power to connect with my ancestors, yet fear held me back for more than four decades.

My life has been a tapestry of triumphs over adversity:

Born into a family facing challenges, I learned resilience amidst the turbulence of alcoholism and parental discord.
At 19, I courageously embarked on an independent path, taking charge of my destiny. I diligently worked many shifts in a job to finance my university education.
While confronting life’s hardships, I mourned the loss of a beloved sister, who remains forever in my heart despite her struggles with addiction.
My dream of becoming a doctor was deferred as I wholeheartedly embraced the role of nurturing my own beautiful family, a journey filled with love and meaningful connections.
During my initial 12-year journey as a single mom, I’ve learned invaluable life lessons in forgiveness, rediscovered my true self, and summoned the courage and strength to craft a fulfilling life.
I have firsthand knowledge of what it feels like to navigate the challenges of poverty while raising my children.
Became the compassionate caregiver for my mother during her 12-year journey with Alzheimer’s disease, providing her with unwavering support and care throughout her final years.
Receiving a breast cancer diagnosis ignited a newfound positivity within me, propelling me on a transformative journey toward healing and recovery.

“Through it all, these experiences shaped me into the woman and Goddess I am today. I am thankful and deeply grateful for every twist and turn of my journey, for it led me to a place of profound purpose and connection with the divine feminine. My name is Jo-Anne, and this is my story of resilience, transformation, and the divine path that has led me to where I am today and to Women’s Expressions – Project Goddess.”

Jo-Anne’s Tagline:

Jo-Anne’s Expression:

“My Expression is a celebration of the divine and the powerful Goddess within every one of us. I desire to bring to life the essence of Goddesses and the spirit of empowerment through my creations. The Goddess’s designs are not just garments; they are pieces of art that embody strength, grace, and beauty. Each detail is meticulously crafted, ensuring that every woman who wears them feels like a goddess in her own right. “

“For me, Women’s Expression: Project Goddess is more than a brand; it’s a movement. It’s about embracing your inner Goddess, feeling confident, and expressing your true self. It’s a testament to empowering women to shine brightly and authentically. “

Nadine Bursey –
Public Relations and Marketing

Nadine has been a member of Women’s Expressions from its inception and feels a deep sense of honour to be part of this journey.

As an Inuit, Nadine brings a unique cultural perspective and rich heritage to the Women’s Expressions and the Goddess Project team. Her Inuit background instills in her a deep connection to the traditions and values of her community. 

Nadine embodies the spirit of unity and collaboration, ensuring that Women’s Expressions is a place where all women, regardless of their cultural backgrounds, feel valued and heard. Her dedication to promoting diversity and cultural exchange aligns perfectly with the organization’s mission of empowerment and awareness. Nadine’s primary aim with this organization is to raise awareness and connect with women from all walks of life.

Nadine has extensive experience in marketing and public relations and has played a significant role in the advancement of Women’s Expressions. 

“In my capacity as a marketing and client relations agent, one of my key responsibilities is securing sponsors for all fundraising events that Women’ Expressions organizes. I am genuinely excited about the opportunity to meet extraordinary people who are eager to support our fundraising efforts. It is heartening to know that a portion of the proceeds are always dedicated to charitable organizations that aid women, including women’s shelters.”

Nadine also contributed to the photoshoots by preparing the models with make-up and attire, as well as assisting them in finding various poses that make them feel right and comfortable. Her experience as a model has significantly helped in this area.

Her most valued fundraising event is the Women’s Expressions fashion which serves as a platform to promote women from diverse ethnicities, traditions, and walks of life. By infusing the goddess aspect into the fashion show, you not only create a memorable and inspiring event but also send a powerful message about the strength, resilience, and beauty inherent in every woman from all cultures. It becomes a celebration of the divine feminine in all its forms and an opportunity for women to embrace their inner goddesses while supporting meaningful causes.

Nadine’s Tagline:

Nadine’s Expression:

Nadine is a dynamic and compassionate advocate for women’s empowerment and diversity. Her unwavering commitment to promoting unity and understanding among women of all backgrounds, combined with her deep cultural insights as an Inuit, make her an invaluable asset to Women’s Expressions. Nadine’s vision, dedication, and passion shine through in everything she does, and her ability to bring people together in celebration of our shared humanity is truly remarkable.”

Chantal Tremblay – Event Planner

Chantal’s role in Women’s Expressions goes beyond the ordinary; she infuses a touch of goddess-like elegance into every aspect of the team’s work. Her passion for celebrating the Goddesses and empowering women is evident.

Chantal’s multifaceted abilities and her dedication to the Women’s Expression team make her an indispensable member. Her organizational prowess, adaptability, commitment to customer satisfaction, expertise in client relations, attention to detail, talent for connecting people, and exceptional hosting skills all contribute to the team’s success and its reputation of Women’s Expressions.

Chantal’s role as an event planner within the Women’s Expressions team elevates the brand’s image and strengthens its connection with its audience. Her ability to create immersive, memorable experiences helps solidify Women’s Expressions as the empowerment movement. Whether it’s a glamorous fashion show, a transformative empowerment workshop, or an inspiring charity event, Chantal’s touch ensures that every event leaves a lasting impression on attendees and reinforces the celebration of the goddess within every woman.

Chantal’s commitment to client satisfaction goes beyond the sale. She understands the importance of nurturing lasting relationships with her clients, providing excellent service, and supporting them on their journey of self-discovery and self-expression.

In addition, Chantal has incredible culinary abilities; she can craft menus that align with the ethos of Women’s Expressions, adding an extra layer of meaning to every event. She understands that food can be a powerful symbol of nurturing and self-care, and she incorporates this philosophy into her culinary offerings, further reinforcing the celebration of the goddess within every woman.

Exceptional Organization Skills: organization skills that orchestrate seamless operations are remarkable.
Adaptability: thrives in ever-changing environments and is highly adaptable; she can quickly pivot when faced with unexpected challenges.
Expert in Client Relations: known for her ability to build and nurture long-lasting relationships making people feel valued and appreciated.
Detail-Oriented: attention to detail is unmatched; ensures that each piece meets the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.
Social Connector: is a natural at bringing people together; gathering individuals with shared interests, and creating a sense of community, skill fosters collaboration and creativity among team members.
Excellent Hostess: has a talent for organizing events and gatherings that leave everyone feeling welcome and appreciated.
Culinary Talents: the ability to craft menus is outstanding; she has a penchant for experimenting with new ideas when designing menus and can create a menu using the available ingredients at her disposal.

Chantal’s Tagline:

Chantal’s Expression:

Chantal is a beacon of inspiration, a dedicated advocate for positive change, and a compassionate force for good. Her unwavering commitment to her values and her relentless pursuit of excellence make her a remarkable individual. Chantal’s kindness, resilience, and ability to bring people together shine brightly in all that she does, and she leaves a lasting impact on those fortunate enough to know her.”

Pierre Raby – Web Designer

Pierre is a retired IT professional known for his multifaceted career, dedication to teamwork, and unwavering support for Women’s Expressions. His ongoing commitment to leveraging technology for meaningful purposes reflects his passion for positively impacting the community.

He is a professional with an extensive background in Information Technology spanning several decades. Over the years, he has held various roles, such as project manager and business analyst, demonstrating his versatility and expertise in the field. Pierre is widely respected and admired for his contributions to the IT industry and is considered a role model by many.

One of Pierre’s defining characteristics is his dedication to teamwork. He is known for being a collaborative team player who is always willing to lend a helping hand to those around him. His willingness to support and assist others on their journeys is highly regarded and appreciated by his peers.

Since retiring from the IT industry, Pierre has continued to channel his passion for technology in productive ways. He has generously offered his expertise to assist in designing and developing the Women’s Expressions website. Additionally, he has lent his skills to other website projects, collaborating closely with Jo-Anne and others who share his aspirations for creating impactful online platforms.

Pierre’s Passion to Travel

Pierre’s journey, as showcased on, is a vibrant tapestry of his passion for travel. With a heart full of wanderlust, he has ventured across continents, weaving through diverse landscapes and cultures. Through captivating narratives and stunning visuals, offers a glimpse into Pierre’s adventures as he explores the world’s hidden treasures, savouring the flavours of local cuisines, embracing the warmth of different communities, and forging connections that transcend borders. His travel experiences reflect his love for adventure and his appreciation for the beauty and diversity of our global community, making a portal to his rich and inspiring journey.

Pierre’s Tagline:

Pierre’s Expression:

“Pierre’s expression is often one of warmth and approachability. He carries a friendly demeanor that invites collaboration and support. Besides being a mentor and my friend, Pierre’s personal journey is marked by both challenges and cherished moments, which has led him to have a profound appreciation for the importance of empowerment, support, and the value of diverse voices.”

Francis Chow – Photographer

Francis is a dedicated photographer with Women’s Expressions. His commitment to the Project Goddess is evident through his efforts to bring in suitable models to represent goddesses from various nations. 

According to Francis, being a photographer for the Goddess Project involves much more than taking pictures; it’s about embracing the responsibility of capturing the essence of goddesses from various cultures. It’s a role that combines artistic talent with cultural awareness and social impact.

According to Francis, being a photographer for the Goddess Project involves much more than taking pictures; it’s about embracing the responsibility of capturing the essence of goddesses from various cultures. It’s a role that combines artistic talent with cultural awareness and social impact.

Francis’ Commitment

Francis contributes to the community by regularly travelling to Cuba for his photography work, and during his journeys, he makes a point to help those in need, recognizing the valuable resources he can provide. His commitment to giving back to the Cuban community demonstrates his compassion and the positive impact he can have beyond his photography. Here are some key aspects of his community involvement:

Humanitarian Outreach: Francis’s travels to Cuba go beyond photography; he actively seeks opportunities to help those in need. Whether it’s providing food, clothing, or other essential supplies, his contributions can make a significant difference in the lives of individuals and families facing challenges.
Cultural Engagement: Through his photography, Francis showcases the rich culture of Cuba. By working with young models and professional Cubans, he captures their stories and helps promote Cuban culture and artistry to a broader audience.
Empowering Young Talent: Working with young and devoted models in Cuba can provide them with opportunities to pursue their dreams and passions in the world of modelling and photography.  This can be incredibly impactful for those who might not have had such opportunities otherwise.
Social Responsibility: Francis’s actions reflect a sense of social responsibility, where he recognizes his privilege and uses it to assist those less fortunate. This kind of philanthropic approach can also inspire others to contribute to their communities.
Creating Meaningful Art: His photography reflects Cuban culture and serves as an art and a cultural bridge. It can foster cultural appreciation and understanding, bridging gaps between different communities.

Francis’s Tagline:

Francis’ Expression:

“Francis’s expression reflects a sense of deep empathy, creativity, and purpose. In his eyes, you might see a blend of passion for photography, a genuine connection with the people and cultures he encounters, and a sincere desire to make a positive impact. His expression may convey a warm and thoughtful demeanour, embodying his commitment to both his craft and the communities he engages with.”

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