Temple of the Energy Goddesses

Welcome to the Temple!

In this temple, you can experience the divine aspects of the goddesses in their purest forms. Here, you can connect with the sacred frequencies of light, sound, geometry and more, and feel the bliss of their harmonious vibrations. This temple is a sanctuary for your soul, a place where you can awaken your inner power and wisdom. 
The sacred symbol of the Energy Goddesses Temple is made of pure white light that binds to your divine light when you enter the sacred space. It is a sign of your connection to the source of all creation, the energy that flows through everything and everyone. When you gaze at the symbol, you feel a surge of love and gratitude for being part of this divine plan.

In this sacred sanctuary, immerse yourself in the pure essence of divine goddess energy!

Energy is movement; energy is vibration. Vibrations oscillate at different frequencies. We called the Energy Goddesses all expressions of energy originating from the physical or the non-physical realms. 

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The Goddess’s expressions of energy in this temple are found in many forms. For example, through:

  • Chakras (energy vortex), astral bodies (aura)
  • Crystal vibrations and crystal grids
  • Sounds (sound healing, speech & mantras), colours and mandalas
  • Akashic records
  • Sacred numbers, sacred geometry (tree of life, flower of life, octahedron, etc.)
  • Divination (runes, oracles, chi)
  • Energy of the spirit animals

Energy flows within and around you and is in constant flux. Our whole being (physical and spiritual) contains energy layers (aura) and powerful energy centres (chakras). In our environment, you are constantly flowing through energy fields, and you may experience perfect synchronicity when your vibration matches another, such as when LOVE shows up. Work with the Energy Goddesses to elevate your vibrational frequency so you may open the gateway to all possibilities.

When your 3rd chakra (called the solar plexus, located between the navel and the sternum) is open and in pure vibrational harmony, you are ignited, and the fire in you is activated, driving you to action. The Goddess’s energetic expression of the 3rd chakra is tending heart-centred actions. The soft sound of music is the Goddess energy expression of healing, tranquillity, and peacefulness. The arrangement of crystals in a geometric format generates a holistic vibrational frequency, and where a particular grid may generate a Goddess energy expression of your greater purpose.

The Energy Goddesses within this temple are:

Flower of Life

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