Ying’s Photoshoot – Women’s Expressions 2015 Calendar

Behind the Scene

We were surprised that Ying agreed to be a model, as she is naturally shy. However, Ying came prepared, with every pose carefully studied and ready to be performed.

Originally, the photo shoot was to take place along a stream of water falling into the pond at the Golf course.  Unfortunately, the falls were too small and wouldn’t give the effect of the smoky water streaming down while the model posed on the rocks.  Céline did a test run and concluded that it wasn’t going to work out. So, we decided to go indoors and perform the shoot with a neutral background and some umbrellas.

There were two photographers, Céline and her beautiful daughter Gabrielle-Anne.

Ying brought with her many dresses and a pair of jeans.  For most of the shoot, Ying remained barefoot.  When it came time to wear the jeans, Ying surprised us by appearing in these striking orange/red shoes. You know, the ones that every lady wants in their own shoe collection.

Photo Session

The photo shoot was moving along beautifully with the 2 photographers taking pictures consistently and Ying taking one pose after another nonstop.  There was no need for Nadine to direct the poses.

I was surprised to see Ying perform like such a professional.  Who knew that the quiet developer who sits beside me in silence every day could model as if it were second nature to her?  Ying showed us another side of herself, standing with confidence, showing the World her beauty.  She has transformed herself from being passive and transparent to being active and very much in the forefront.

The last set-up was in the garage, with water pouring down on Ying while she held tightly onto her umbrella.  I was on top of a ladder pouring the cold water.  Ying tried to contain herself as she continued to get wet.  Nadine was filming, Céline was holding the light, and Gabie was taking the pictures. We all laughed our way through the shoot as we watched the water pouring down, sometimes slowly, sometimes fast, trying to capture the effect of raindrops.  Sometimes, we would totally miss the target, and then we would all burst out laughing.  We finally stopped the session once Ying got completely wet.  We didn’t want her to get sick since it was very cold outside and the garage was not very warm.

We must say that be aware of the quiet ones because they can surprise you! We are very happy that Ying enjoyed her photo shoot session. She told us that her son didn’t recognize her when she arrived home. Ying kept her makeup on the entire day and wore it with pride. She would normally never wear so much makeup, but this was a special moment for her, and she was celebrating her birthday the next day.

We wish Ying all the best for the coming year and hope that this photo shoot opened up the doors to a new Ying in you!

Article by Jo-Anne
Edited by Karen C.

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