Ying – Women’s Expressions 2015 Calendar Model

Ying is a computer programmer, ‘Par Excellence’.  Programming comes to her with ease.  She says that coding relaxes her.  Hmmm… For me, that was not how I felt when I had to code… Perhaps for Ying, focusing on a task and using her creativity to better code a solution allows her to serve her natural ability.  Even though the nature of her work is a very serious business, Ying enjoys cheerful moments and knows that laughter is the key to a positive life.

Calendar Month – April 2015
Ying emanates ‘
Joy Abound

Joy Abound

Life is for us to enjoy.  We are here at the present moment to be conscientious about all that surrounds us and interacts with us…With every breath we take, we need to seize the moment with all that we see, taste, feel, hear and smell. As they say, positivity and laughter can heal and attract everything you desire.

Article by Jo-Anne
Edited by Karen C.

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