Let me introduce you to White Shell Goddess, also known as “Changing Woman” or “Asdzání Nakayé,” is a significant figure in the mythology of the Navajo (Diné) people, who are indigenous to the southwestern United States.

White Shell Goddess is often referred to as “Changing Woman” in Navajo mythology because her story and symbolism embody the concepts of change, transformation, and renewal. The name “Changing Woman” reflects her role as a symbol of the cyclical nature of life and the changing of the seasons.

Her symbolism and mythology convey valuable messages about living in harmony with nature, embracing change and growth, nurturing and protecting one another, preserving cultural and spiritual identity, seeking healing and balance, fostering unity, and respecting sacred traditions.

She is frequently associated with white shells, particularly abalone shells. Navajo culture considers these shells sacred and uses them in various ceremonies and jewelry.

Goddess White Shell’s Message to Humanity

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