Sandra – Women’s Expressions 2015 Calendar Model

Ms. November – Sandra
Inspired / Inpirée

Sandra was the perfect person for the ‘Inspiration’ shoot. She is an elementary school teacher who uses her creativity to inspire children to learn and thrive. It is not easy to keep students attentive and focused for the entire day. Sandra knows the key to motivation and how to captivate the minds of these young personalities. I admire all teachers because whatever they are faced with in the day, they must exercise patience, calmness and attend to each child.


Where does inspiration comes from? Many would say from our head…is it so? Inspiration is to have an idea originating from intuition. Others say that it is a knowledge that we have within and can be remembered. It comes when the calling is made at the required moment in this space – time zone. Inspiration may also be qualified as divine inspiration… and happens when we tap into the global consciousness that is at everyone’s disposal. We need only to access it through stillness and invitation.

Get your creativity going, be inspired or ask help from your guides. What are you dreaming of? Perhaps it is your next creation.

View Sandra’s Photo Shoot – ‘Behind the Making of the Calendar’

Article by Joanne
Edited by Karen C.

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