Sandra – Women’s Expressions 2015 Calendar Model

Sandra was the perfect person for the ‘Inspiration’ shoot. She is an elementary school teacher who uses her creativity to inspire children to learn and thrive. Keeping students attentive and focused for the entire day is difficult. Sandra knows the key to motivation and how to captivate the minds of these young personalities. I admire all teachers because whatever they are faced with in the day, they must exercise patience, calmness and attend to each child.

Calendar Month – November 2015
Sandra is ‘Inspired


Background Art of the Photoshoot


Where does inspiration come from? Many would say from our heads. Is it so? Inspiration is having an idea originate from intuition. Others say that it is knowledge that we have within and can be remembered. It comes when the calling is made at the required moment in this space–time zone. Inspiration may also qualify as divine inspiration… and it happens when we tap into the global consciousness at everyone’s disposal. We need only access it through stillness and invitation.

Article by Joanne
Edited by Karen C.

M. Morel Painting

The Incredible Artist Behind the Painting of Sara’s Photoshoot

M. Gérard Morel – An Artist by excellence!

M. Morel is an artist who spent much of his career as a window display designer/window dresser.  His work demanded that he be artistic, creative, and, most of all, to bring a certain ‘Je ne sais quoi’ to make the windows appealing to the viewers.  He worked at Dalmy’s in Verdun, a well-known clothing boutique for men and women, before moving to Ottawa to work at Dalmy’s there.

After his retirement, M. Morell started oil painting.  He has always known that he was an artist, but he needed to provide for his family of 6 children and his beautiful wife, so he waited until retirement to pursue his dream.

Today, M. Morel has created many paintings, some are displayed in restaurants and art galleries.  He said that he has had times when he painted checkers on his canvas; other times, it was another landmark which made his branding.  He said that the trends stayed with him for a while, but then, as he evolved, so did his paintings.  According to M. Morel, a trend is established in one’s art; some last forever, and others change. 

Women’s Expressions was delighted and honoured to have one of his creations in the 2015 calendar.  We worked hard together to make the photo shoot memorable.  We are hoping to work with Gérard Morel in the future as a background set-up/designer for our photoshoots and for all special events that will be organized by Women’s Expressions.   

His paintings speak to you!  There was one that I couldn’t resist buying. It is displayed in my house in a location where I can admire it every day. 

Thank you M. Morel for sharing your beautiful art!

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