The Women’s ExpressionsTM calendar has served a noble purpose—to provide support for programs dedicated to assisting women and children and conducting research. The profits generated from the calendar sales were channelled towards a women’s shelter, The Interval House of Ottawa.

Interval House of Ottawa sheds light on the harsh reality of violence against women, highlighting the urgent need for awareness and action. 

Interval House of Ottawa confronts the sobering truth that each year, an average of 100 women, and at times up to 150 children, seek refuge within its walls due to the horrors of domestic abuse. This abuse manifests in various forms, including sexual, financial, religious, social, emotional, psychological, invasive, and physical violence. Interval House of Ottawa plays a crucial role in offering essential support services to these women and their children during their stay. One encouraging statistic is that approximately 85% of women who find sanctuary at Interval House of Ottawa choose not to return to their abusers once they have left, emphasizing the importance of the shelter’s work in breaking the cycle of abuse and providing a path toward safety and independence.

Women’s ExpressionsTM aimed to empower women residing in shelters and those benefiting from related programs to embark on a journey toward a life they truly deserve, helping them unlock their fullest potential. Women’s ExpressionsTM strived to instill in these women the belief that they are deserving and capable of success. The purchase of the ‘Women’s Expressions’ calendar became a catalyst for positive change in the lives of other women. 

Donations to the Interval House of Ottawa

In 2015, Women’s ExpressionsTM sold 148 calendars to family, friends and co-workers. This allowed us to give $1,480.00 to Interval House of Ottawa. Additionally, we organized a fundraising event with the collaboration of Laurie Poliquin as a representative of Lia Sophia Jewelry. By hosting three shows, Laurie was able to donate 10% of the sales to Women’s Expressions. Her contribution added $300.00 extra to the women’s shelter, Interval House of Ottawa. Considering the Bank of Montreal donations of $100.00, Women’s Expressions gave a total of $1,880.00 to the organization.

In the featured photo are the following persons (from left to right): Nadine, Jo-Anne, Charlene, and Laurie

In the featured photo are the following persons (from left to right): Laurie and Jo-Anne

Lia Sophia Fundraising Events – Christmas Season 2014

In the autumn of 2014, Jo-Anne, representing Women’s Expressions, collaborated with Laurie Poliquin from Lia Sophia Jewelry to organize a series of successful fundraising events. These events included two gatherings hosted at Jo-Anne’s residence and two more at her workplace.

Laurie went above and beyond by contributing 10% of her commission to Women’s Expressions, resulting in a total donation of $300.00. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Laurie for her unwavering dedication and hard work.

We recognize the effort involved in transporting jewelry, arranging tables, showcasing the jewelry, processing orders, and ensuring timely deliveries, especially in the rush before Christmas. It was not only a fun event but also an incredibly rewarding one. On behalf of Women’s Expressions and Interval House of Ottawa, we express our gratitude.

Thanks to the Bank of Montreal – Women’s Expressions Fundraising, 2015

Women’s ExpressionsTM calendars received prominent visibility at the Bank of Montreal in Ottawa, thanks to the branch manager’s support and belief in their cause. A dedicated table was set up at the bank’s entrance, providing clients with information about the calendars and their purpose—aiding women and children escaping domestic violence.

Clients who felt compelled to contribute to this noble cause had the option to either purchase a calendar or donate.

In the featured photo are the following persons (from left to right): Nadine, Christine and Jo-Anne)

Through their acts of kindness, the bank’s clients generously donated a total of $100.00. This heartfelt donation was combined with the proceeds from calendar sales, further advancing the total funds raised to support Women’s Expressions’ mission.

Interval House of Ottawa – A Letter of Hope

On June 19, 2015, Women’s ExpressionsTM received a letter from the Interval House of Ottawa thanking us for all the donations received up to the present.  Included in the letter is the testimony on how we contributed to helping someone special.  Her name is Nariko.  Here is the letter for you to view – a scanned image of the letter will succeed this article.

June 19, 2015

Dear friends,

I want to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for your continued support of Interval House of Ottawa. Your support is essential to women and children fleeing violence and helps us to ensure we have the capacity to meet an ongoing need in Ottawa, and help women like Nariko.

One night, Nariko called the crisis line in tears; she had been beaten by her husband and had nowhere to go. She arrived at IHO in the night feeling scared and confused, but soon met other women at IHO who had lived through similar situations. With counselling and support, Nariko began to realize her self-worth and sought legal advice to leave her marriage. Three months later, Nariko again feels like a self-assured woman on her journey of healing. She sings with her children and dances with other residents in the kitchen. She is again working as an executive and is finalizing the purchase of her own home.

Your support makes this possible. Thank you for your recent donations:

  • October 27, 2014                  $1,665.00
  • June 4, 2015                         $1,880.00

We are grateful to you for allowing us to help all our residents, and women like Nariko. You are shaping their lives for the future.

With sincere appreciation,

Charlene Maurice
Residential Program Manager

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