Peka’s Photoshoot – Women’s Expressions 2015 Calendar

Behind the Scene

Peka’s photo shoot was our first shoot, opening the 2015 Calendar. We used our new photo studio gear, including our backdrops and spotlights, for the first time. Also, it was our first time working with Yves, the photographer.

Peka is a very private person and we wanted to make her feel at ease. On the day of the photo shoot, Peka was not at her best. She was sick with a cold but was committed to making the shoot go ahead. Yves, with his outgoing personality, made the entire experience enjoyable. We joked throughout the entire session.

Nadine did a fantastic job applying Peka’s make-up. Yves explored the lighting as this shoot was to be done in the dark with only Peka’s ‘goddess-like’ face showing in the photograph. The black backdrop was perfect to unleash her beautiful features. We wanted the perfect set-up to inspire a Goddess ambiance and we succeeded. Yves took around 300-400 photos to capture the perfect ‘One.’

Nonetheless, all the photos of Peka were marvellous. Peka is the true Goddess representative; her beauty radiates wherever she goes.

The final photo for the calendar was altered by a very creative young artist. Élyse added a golden and yellow glow to Peka’s hair. The subtle tiger eye located on her left temple represents strength, sensuality, and power—all of which represent the goddess’s qualities. In the tarot card, strength would represent the taming of animals just by using the power within. It is also a sign of the third eye.

Article by Jo-Anne
Edited by Karen C.

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