Peka – Women’s Expressions 2015 Calendar Model

When I found this beautiful woman, I couldn’t resist superimposing her with the Goddess Image. Peka is a mother to three wonderful children.  In the eyes of her children, their mom is a hero.  Mothers inspire us to do everything with tender, loving care.  As we know, mothers are the Mother Goddess, which represents nature, motherhood, fertility, and creation (Wikipedia).  Thank you, Mom, for being in my life and tending to our needs.  We love you unconditionally.

Calendar Month- June 2015
Peka represents ‘Goddess


We have a Goddess Self – it is the body of higher frequency, overseeing Self and Higher Self. It is an energy that vibrates throughout the cosmos. According to ancient mythology, Goddesses were immortals and powerful entities. They represent elements of life such as Love, War, Wisdom, Mercy and Compassion, Harvest, Winter, etc.
Find the Goddess within, as it will bring you well-being! Feel good in your body and take good care of it, as it is your vehicle on Earth. When we feel good outside, we feel good inside…and vice versa!

Article by Jo-Anne
Edited by Karen C.

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