Narges – Women’s Expressions 2015 Calendar Model

My first impression of Narges was that she was a shining light with an angelic smile. We immediately could see the warmth in her personality and that she worked well on our team. Born Persian, Narges knows how to dance gracefully with movements of the arms and hands. Narges’ photo shoot demonstrated her Persian heritage as she danced with the bright orange/mauve scarf.

Calendar Month – December 2015
Narges emanates ‘Dance Melody

Dance Melody

Life is a dance. You must take life one step at a time. It is how you dance that makes your dance different from others. You create the dance that is in line with your goals; you are the choreographer. Don’t live by default. Instead, set your dreams and align yourself to achieve them. Take action and believe in yourself. You are the creator of your life. You are dancing through it with ease, happiness, and the right rhythm.

Article by Joanne
Edited by Karen C.

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