Narges’ Photoshoot – Women’s Expressions 2015 Calendar

Behind the Scene

Narges arrived at the photo shoot with determination. Nadine applied her make-up, although she didn’t need any. Narges’ eyes and smile speak for themselves. Nonetheless, the make-up accentuated her beauty.

At first, we planned to do the photoshoot in the dark with a dark blue sheer dress that would float in the air with the help of a fan. This would represent the ‘Mystical’. This idea proved too difficult, so instead, we managed to have someone seen through the sheer drapes instead. Stuart attempted to produce the effect, Yves tried as well, and then finally myself and Nadine, while holding both sides and moving the material up and down, had some success. In the end, there was really no good shot of the ‘Mystic’ ambiance, but all in all, the shoot turned out to be very successful.

There were two photographers, Yves and Stuart. They worked nicely with Narges, and Nadine also helped whenever she could.

There was quiet throughout the session as there was hardly any music playing or any talking.

After the session in the blue dress, Narges changed into an orange dress. As a Persian woman, these would be the shots that best suited her. She was more comfortable taking a mystical pose with an orange and purple shawl covering her face but leaving her eyes exposed. She then posed with the shawl above her head as if she were performing a dance. This was the ambiance that was most representative of Narges. She shone through the camera lens.

The camera clicked nonstop. The photographers wanted to catch everything on film, so they didn’t waste any time. Narges did beautifully.

Article by Joanne
Edited by Karen C.

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