Nancy – Women’s Expressions 2015 Calendar Model

Nancy is a business coach and has her own business. She definitely knows the meaning of Empowerment. Through her coaching, she teaches us how to have confidence and to believe in ourselves as a key to success.

Once a good project plan and a mission statement are established, the rest will fall into place as long as you believe it can happen. Nancy will see you through and will empower you to become whatever you desire. You can find Nancy – E-Coaching via her WEB Site at:

Calendar Month – October 2015
Nancy Emanates ‘Empowerment


Empowerment is not taking power over someone or ruling a group. Empowerment is to go within and find the power that we have inside each and every one of us so we may move through life at our highest state. That being said, we must believe that we have the power to achieve all that we set ourselves for. Only you know how good you are and can create your desired life.

Article by Joanne
Edited by Karen C.

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