Lee-Anne’s Photoshoot – Women’s Expressions 2013 Calendar

Behind the Scene

We had our very first photo shoot for the Exquisite Women Calendar with model Lee-Anne Cummings. It was very hot and humid, maxing out at 45 degrees Celsius with the humidex factor. Regardless of the temperature, we were dedicated and ready for action!

The photo shoot started at 7:00 PM sharp. The location was under the McDonald Cartier Bridge on the Quebec side close to the Casino du Lac Lemay. We could see the fountain from our location. The background scene was graffiti created by the public. Rachel and Richard had gone to the site the day before the shoot to evaluate the graffiti and plan Lee-Anne’s photos; they also proposed the wardrobe to accompany the background.

Present at the shoot were Richard Jolin and Dave Hunt, photographers; Rachel Landriault, coordinator; Amelie Deschenes, makeup artist; Nadine Bursey, wardrobe and modelling expert; Jo-Anne Landriault, founder of Women’s Expressions website and Exquisite Women calendar; and, of course, the model, Lee-Anne Cummings.

We planned for three wardrobe changes:
1) Jeans, bustier, hat and gun – strobe light would record the sequence of movements
2) Long red dress – sexy look with dramatic make-up
3) White classic short dress – innocent/classy look with natural make-up

Everyone was excited! When Lee-Anne and the crew arrived, Richard, Dave, and Rachel had already installed the lighting and prepared the set.

Despite the heat, the set was buzzing with energy, and spirits were high as we worked to actualize our shared vision. It was our first time working together as a team, yet we were so in sync that it felt like we had been working together for years. Dave brought some background music to provide ambiance for the photo shoot. Lee-Anne chose some hard rock music which really set the mood and provided energy well suited to the graffiti-themed set.

Time flew by as cameras flashed and music played through costume changes and set adjustments. The skilled photographers captured hundreds of great pics as the night wore on, and team members scurried about accomplishing their tasks while joking and having a good time.

We had no problems; everything went according to plan and on schedule. The only glitch was that the strobe light did not work properly, so it was eliminated from the shoot. A few visitors passed by, curious and impressed, but they just continued along their path, wondering what was going on.

We videotaped some part of the session hoping to capture everyone in action, knowing that this would provide some good memories and a few laughs.

We completed the shoot at 10:30 PM, and we were very hungry, so we picked up a pizza and ate together. After which, we all went home with a big smile. Clearly, everyone was very satisfied with our first event!

From all the members of the calendar team, we are looking forward to working with all the calendar models. This is just the beginning of a wonderful adventure!

Article by Joanne
Edited by Lee-Anne C.

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