Jo-Anne’s Photoshoot – Women’s Expressions 2015 Calendar

Behind the Scene

The original theme for this photo shoot was ‘Tree Pose,’ which is associated with a yoga pose that signifies ‘finding balance in life and being grounded’.

This shoot was inspired by a photo that my cousin Céline had taken many years ago when she started her photography hobby. The problem with this shoot was to find a model willing to have clay on her body. Jean, the model for the water shoot in August, volunteered, but she was already assigned to a month.

So, I decided I would do it. There was one little problem: the perfect tree for the photo was located on a busy street.

I discovered this tree while meditating on a walk. I was suddenly compelled to stop. When I looked up, I saw this beautiful tree full of character. The trunk was split in two, allowing the perfect curve for the tree pose. I applauded and thanked my guides for leading me to this beautiful tree.

When the day of the photo shoot arrived, the clay was applied to my entire body (face and hair included). I looked like a Zombie with blue eyes (the eyes were a striking comparison to the grey clay). I then had to walk down the street to get to the neighbour’s backyard where we had found yet another wonderful tree with a little more privacy. Here we are, parading around, hoping that no one passes by and that the neighbours are all in their own backyards.

We realized later that although the clay dried on Jo-Anne’s skin, it remained wet on the body suit, creating an uneven colour. I felt like a big bag of potatoes with the arms and legs looking like germinated strings while having the head of The Walking Dead. Wow…. One thing for sure was that I didn’t feel very feminine. But in the end, it all worked out; thank God for Photoshop.

The final picture turned out to be very spiritual; creating an image of an imprinted body within the tree. This is the ‘Tree’ that called me during my walk. Today, each time I pass this tree, I smile and thank it for being present in my life.

Article by Jo-Anne
Edited by Karen C.

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