Jo-Anne – Women’s Expressions 2015 Calendar Model

Ms. May – Jo-Anne
One with Nature / Imprégnée dans la nature

One of my favourite hobbies is gardening. I definitely relax when I attend my gardens. Life keeps me very busy between Women’s Expressions and my day job. Gardening offers me a way to escape from my otherwise busy life and connect with nature. The rewarding part is seeing the gardens as a canvas painted with vibrant colours. A painting that is in constant change. The hummingbirds come and go. Birds of all kinds first visit my neighbour to feed from their birdfeeders and then they come into my backyard to quench their thirst and use the birdbath. I often see the butterflies dancing their way into the sky sometimes taking a moment to rest on my flowers.

One with Nature

As humans, we are part of Nature. When we connect with nature we renew ourselves. Take a walk in the park and hug a tree. Lie down on the grass and look at the stars. Work the earth. Cultivate a garden and eat nature’s growth. Plant flowers and watch them bloom. Feel the power of the waterfalls. Admire the stillness of the mountains…Only then will you become one with nature!

Article by Jo-Anne
Edited by Karen C.

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