Goddess Isis was born to the sky, Goddess Nut, and the earth, God Geb. She was one of their five children. Goddess Isis was often depicted with a throne-shaped headdress, which represented her role as a queen and her connection to the throne of Egypt.

Goddess Isis was revered as a mother goddess and protector of children. She was often depicted nursing her son Horus, emphasizing her role as a nurturing and caring mother.

She was considered a powerful magician and healer. She possessed the knowledge of magical spells and was believed to have used her magical abilities to heal the sick and bring the dead back to life.

In some depictions, Goddess Isis is shown with wings, symbolizing her protective and nurturing nature and her role as a guardian. The ankh, a symbol of life, is often associated with Goddess Isis, signifying her role in granting life and protection to those who sought her help.

Goddess Isis’s Message to Humanity

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