Interview with Charlene Maurice – Interval House of Ottawa – A Women Shelter

Who is Charlene Maurice?

In addition to being the mother of two wonderful children, Charlene is the Residential Program Manager at Interval House of Ottawa.  Charlene has worked at Interval House since 1996, where she started as a student, working part time in administration. Her student position led to a permanent job and after one year she became a residential program coordinator, a position that she would hold for the next eight (8) years.  For Charlene, the time has passed very quickly, already into 19 years of service at Interval House, there is never a dull moment.


What is Interval House of Ottawa?

Interval House of Ottawa is a not-profit organization, helping women and their children fleeing inequitable and intolerable domestic abuse. It is the longest running home for abused women in Ottawa, founded 1976. What was originally a 4-bedroom home furnished with donated items, it is now grown into a 30-bed safe home.

With 10 beds taken at any given time and 20 beds reserved for children, Interval House can accommodate many families at all time.  There may be some room shifting that occurs occasionally but they never refuse a mother and their children. Interval House of Ottawa provide 24 hour support and their mandate is to make the residents feel safe and Supported.


What is it like working at Interval House of Ottawa?

For Charlene, working at Interval House of Ottawa has been a blessing.  When women and children arrive, they are provided with essentials that they need: warmth, support, caring, educational programs, social services, clothes, and school articles.  Then, with time, these women start to take their life back. They acquire confidence, enroll in educational programs, find jobs and become independent, self-sufficient individuals able to meet their own needs and the needs of their children.  Seeing these women transform keeps Charlene excited to go to work each day.

It can be a tough job emotionally. Even though sometimes difficult, one tries to stay objective.

How can we contribute to Interval House of Ottawa?

You can get involved in helping the cause of Interval House of Ottawa.  There are many options for you to contribute to providing a safe home for the women and children who access our services.  Here is how you can help:

You can visit Interval House of Ottawa WEB at:


What is Charlene’s wish?

For Charlene, to wake up one day having no more job to go to because there are no longer any women and children fleeing violence. Peace would reign in families!

Article by Joanne
Edited by Karen C.

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