Hélène’s Photoshoot – Women’s Expressions 2013 Calendar

Behind the Scene

Our fifth photo shoot with model Hélène was scheduled for Monday, October 12th, but the weather did not cooperate. Environment Canada forecasted rain with a low temperature of 10 degrees Celsius; which was inappropriate for a shoot in a long dress with shoulders and back exposed – mighty chilly, don’t you think? Up to that day the fall had been beautiful, with temperatures on average of 23-25 degrees Celsius. Why now on this day … why this drastic shift in temperature? Ultimately, we had to postpone the shoot till Friday hoping that the forecast would remain a predicted sunny sky with 28 degrees. This meant that we had to arrange time off from our regular jobs for Friday. The photographer was working out of town but had promised to rearrange his schedule to make it for the shoot. The make-up artist and the model coach were unable to attend on this weekday so I asked another model to assist us, which she gladly accepted. Hélène is a nurse with a busy schedule and was unable to take the day off but made arrangements to trade a shift with another nurse.

The theme was ‘The Romantic Lady in Black Dress’ in autumn scenery with waterfalls. Those present on set were Michel Lemieux, photographer; Chantal Tremblay, assisting the model with the poses; and Jo-Anne Landriault, founder. We had found the perfect place for the shoot: the property of the Wakefield Mill and Spa – which offers full-service spa packages, fine cuisine and luxury accommodations, all this for a romantic getaway in the heart of Nature. The spa is overlooking the waterfalls; how romantic! Actually, the Wakefield Mill and Spa was recognized as being the most romantic spa in 2008, and it is evident that this place will keep the title for many years.

We prepared for the shoot ahead of time. Hélène had proudly selected the perfect dress, which she had purchased the week before the shoot. According to her, the dress could thereafter be worn on a cruise for a romantic evening dinner. The dress was indeed perfect! The Thursday night before the shoot, Nadine met Hélène and provided tips and suggestions regarding some of the poses that were pre-selected. Hélène had done some research on the Internet and had browsed through some online galleries of successful photographers. She was well prepared mentally to overcome the discomfort that comes with being in front of a camera as a model for the first time.

On the day of the photo shoot, Hélène had scheduled an appointment with her hairdresser, Chantal from Coiffure Sébastien) who gave her a lovely updo, which made her look sophisticated and romantic. She also had her make-up applied in a boutique which offered facial and make-up. All she needed to finalize the overall look was to dress-up in the evening gown and voilà, the image in the mirror was astonishing. We were all delighted with the outcome. She was gorgeous!

Hélène had selected her own photographer…..a dear friend of hers who accepted willingly. She felt that she would be more at ease with a person that she already knew. For Mick, photography has been a pastime that he has enjoyed for years. In fact, he has taken many pictures of events organized by firefighters for the causes they support. A fireman by trade, he has recently retired and is now teaching prevention.

When we got to the Wakefield Mill, we had to ask permission to take pictures. Unfortunately, it was not feasible to take pictures near the waterfalls; it was reserved for the clients using the spa. But permission was granted for us to use any other area. We took many photos on the property and many clients passed by and commented on the model. They couldn’t take their eyes off of Hélène and complimented her beauty. Some were curious and asked where the pictures would be used.

When we finished at the Wakefield Mill, we changed locations and went down by the river and onto the Covered Bridge. The sun was shining brightly in a cloudless sky. After two hours, we decided we had enough perfect shots for the calendar. The photo session was done in absolute calm; all we could hear were the sounds of nature. The tranquil romantic setting was soothing to the stressful mind, and the model herself reflected a serene love of nature.

Article by Jo-Anne
Edited by Lee-Anne C.

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