Hélène – Women’s Expressions 2013 Calendar Model

Hélène is a 52-year-old woman who enjoys her long-term career as a nurse administrator. Her dedication and outstanding professionalism have rendered her a precious resource for patients. She has proven, patient after patient, that her dedication and caring make her a very special person. As he woke up from surgery, one patient even told her: “You’re an angel!”.

Her hope is to one day become a grandmother. Hélène enjoys walking, painting, sewing, watching comedy, and mostly being amongst friends.

Calendar Month – October 2013
Hélène represents ‘Wall of Flowers’

Wall of Flowers

Hélène Inspiring Story

“The Lesson of the Butterfly” – A Story by an Unknown Author

One day a man was walking without any precise destination. He noticed a cocoon hanging from a branch.

As he approached the cocoon, he saw a small hole through which a butterfly was trying to escape. The man paused and watched for many hours.

After a while, it seemed like the butterfly had abandoned its struggle; the hole was too small.

It was as if the butterfly had done all it could and it no longer had the strength to do anything else. So the man made a decision. He decided to help the butterfly: he took a pocket knife and, at once, made a large hole in the cocoon. The butterfly came out immediately.

He continued to observe it. Its body was thin and dull. Its wings were underdeveloped and hardly moved.

The man remained at the butterfly’s side, thinking that at any moment, the wings would open up and would be capable of supporting its body, allowing it to fly off. The man waited in vain.

The butterfly spent the rest of its life crawling on the floor with its skinny body and shrivelled wings. It was never able to fly….

The man did not understand why things turned out this way, considering his gesture of kindness and his intention to help. He was unaware of the fact that the passage of the butterfly through the narrow hole of the cocoon was the effort needed for it to pass the liquid from its body to its wings. By completing this final step, life allowed the butterfly to take its own course, helping it to grow and develop. Only then could it fly!

Indeed! Effort is what we need in our lives.

If we were allowed to live without impediments, we would be limited. We might not be as strong as we are. Like the butterfly who could not fly, we never would become successful adults.

I asked for strength … and life gave me difficulties to make me strong.
I asked for wisdom … and life gave me problems to solve.
I asked for prosperity … and life gave me a brain and brawn to work.
I asked to fly … and life gave me obstacles to overcome.
I asked for love … and life gave me the chance to help people with their problems.
I asked for favours… and life gave me possibilities.

I have not yet received what I asked for … but I have received everything I need.

Live life without fear, confront all obstacles and prove that you can overcome them.

Unknown Author

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