Introducing Goddess Elowen, a name of Cornish origin meaning “elm tree,” embodying the essence of this majestic tree. She is intricately linked to the universal symbol of the Tree of Life, epitomizing the interconnectedness of all living beings on Earth. Often depicted with branches reaching skyward and roots delving into the Earth, Goddess Elowen serves as a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms.

Her leaves and branches, adorned in various shades of green, symbolize nurturing and life-giving

qualities, embodying the growth, vitality, and renewal that trees graciously bestow upon the world.

The roots of the Tree of Life, mirrored in Goddess Elowen’s symbolism, signify grounding, stability, and a connection to one’s origins. Hugging a tree becomes a symbolic act, fostering a direct connection with nature, facilitating grounding, stress reduction, and cultivating a mindful appreciation for the environment.

In this sacred act, envisioning negativity flowing down through the roots and being absorbed by the earth becomes a transformative process. Individuals aim to release and cleanse themselves of burdens, fostering a profound sense of renewal and emotional well-being under the watchful presence of Goddess Elowen.

Goddess Elowen’s Message to Humanity

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