Della’s Photoshoot – Women’s Expressions 2013 Calendar

Behind the Scene

Saturday, October 22nd, 2011 – I had a challenging week at the office and I was looking forward to this photoshoot to clear my head and to do something fun for a change.

Della called me the night before the photo shoot to confirm the final details. My spirits were very low and I had to find the strength to speak to her with enthusiasm. Speaking with Della re-energized me. I knew that her photo shoot would be extraordinary. Della was also excited about the shoot. She had been through a lot that summer, with family illnesses. She had been dedicating much of her time to the care of her family.

She would use this photo shoot as a chance to relax and get some ‘alone’ time. It would be a unique occasion for Della to show off her beauty. All attention would be focused on her for a change, which would make her feel special. What a spiritual, uplifting event this would be for Della!

After searching her wardrobe and accessories extensively, Della finally found a few attires for the photo shoot. It was a tough decision because Della has an enormous wardrobe. She even has a closet dedicated exclusively to her accessories, jewelry and shoes. Among the items she would bring were: 4 leather jackets (red, orange, white and black), 2 black dresses, 8 pairs of shoes, jewelry and scarves.

The theme for her photo shoot was ‘Women and Sports Cars’. We had two sports car models for the shoot: a muscle car (Dodge Charger) and a typical two-seater convertible car (Honda S2000). Della also wanted to make use of the beautiful autumn scenery, with its vibrant yellow and orange foliage.

We knew that the day of her photo shoot would be very busy. The photographer would not only be doing Della’s photo shoot but also creating portrait photos of two lovely business women for their Women’s Expressions business cards. The house was going to be quite busy, with everyone in for make-up and Della’s prep work.

The photo shoot set-up started at 10 a.m. Amélie, the makeup artist, served everyone a soothing café latte.

While Della was getting her make-up done, the technical team went out to find the perfect location for the shoot. We started at the golf club, where we took a few sample pictures (see photos of Jo-Anne). The parking lot was close to the first hole, so we decided to change the location to avoid the risk of being hit by golf balls. We chose an avenue in the industrial park where no traffic was anticipated on a Saturday. Satisfied, we returned home to begin the portrait photos. With Adèle and Bon Jovi tunes playing full blast, the photo shoot began. The photographer was surrounded by many people and the ambiance was loud and crowded. This was not an ideal environment for the photographer, but he somehow managed to concentrate and to keep his cool.

Then came Della’s photo shoot, her long-awaited moment of glory. Della’s make-up had to be redone. The first time it was done, we went for a more dramatic look that sent her right out of her comfort zone. On her second try, Amélie tried a more natural look. Pleased with the new look, Della was ready for the shoot. Well, almost ready… she had to take a Tequila shot to calm down before heading out to the photo shoot location. It was now 2 p.m.

We started with the muscle car, an orange Dodge Charger with two black stripes. This powerful 370 HP car would leave anyone feeling confident in a race. It was everyone’s first choice for the shoot, and it blended very well with the fall scenery.

Throughout the whole photo shoot, Della wanted to keep the rabbit scarf. She absolutely didn’t want to take it off. One of the technical team members had purchased this scarf the previous weekend in Quebec City, and it had never been worn. Della was the first to wear it, and she loved that it was warm and soft.

Meanwhile, team members were setting up another scene in my garage with the second sports car: a black Honda S2000 convertible. A very large grey drape was used for the background. The car was positioned diagonally to provide the photographer with more space for the shoot.

Upon our arrival, Della changed into a black dress, but she kept the rabbit scarf. She didn’t want to let it go! Unable to pull it way from her, we continued the photo shoot. This furry accessory was undeniably the hit of the shoot.
During this particular photo shoot, the crew danced to J-Lo’s latest hit (see the video).

As usual, we were very satisfied with the end result. We chatted happily while we reviewed the photos. A nice buffet had been prepared in advance and we celebrated with wine, sandwiches, cheese and salad.

The technical team definitely did a great job! No one was overpowering, we all knew when to help and when to stay quiet… sort of. The photographer might say otherwise. Nevertheless, this photo shoot made us realize that we really enjoy working together.

Article by Joanne
Edited by Coreen B.

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