Coreen’s Photoshoot – Women’s Expressions 2015 Calendar

Behind the Scene

The original theme for this photo shoot was entitled ‘A Bird’s Eye View in 2015’. The final photo inspired her to change it to ‘Gazing into Tomorrow.’

Coreen first appeared in the Women’s Expressions calendar in 2013. Her eyes, as in this shoot, were the focal point then also. This time, she was definitely more at ease in front of the lenses, even with a different photographer.

The poses were diversified: close-up of Coreen’s beautiful blue eyes, Coreen lying down in a sitting position, and, finally, the flying bird pose. The flying bird pose is my favourite.

As we tried to conform to the original theme, we asked Coreen to slightly bend her upper body frontward to extend her arms to the side and wave her hands as if she were flying. Stuart, the photographer, demonstrated the movement (see Coreen’s video). Coreen performed the movement with grace and ease. It was funny to see Coreen trying this pose; she is a very quiet person. This may not have been an easy task for Coreen to perform. Nonetheless, she was determined and dedicated to the cause of the calendar: helping women and children in need.

Even if the flying bird was not the chosen photo for the calendar, I invite you to look at the Bird’s Eye View picture displayed in the photo gallery. There is a special effect on the photo. Your comments are welcome.

Gazing into Tomorrow opened the 2015 Women’s Expressions calendar with the colour ‘BLUE’—blue is soothing, cool, dreamy, and magical. Its qualities are faithfulness and loyalty. Blue is associated with the throat chakra, the centre of communication.

This photo tries to inspire you to start the year by clearly expressing yourself and keeping open communication with your peers, family and friends. Allow yourself to receive any information that the Universe sends your way as subtle as it may seem. You never know, something may be communicated to you that will bring you to a better place or make you feel good.


Article by Jo-Anne
Edited by Karen C.

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