Coreen – Women’s Expressions 2015 Calendar Model

Grandmother of three, Coreen, wonders what the future holds for her family that she loves so dearly. Her love for them brings her joy on a cosmically illuminating level!

Calendar Month – January 2015
Coreen emanates ‘Gazing into Tomorrow’

Gazing into Tomorrow

If only we could gaze into the future for a moment to see what is in store for us and our loved ones. All we can hope for is that life brings us the most wonderful experiences and that we can prosper and thrive. But what if… we could change our future? Every time we make a decision or take action, we change the course of our future. In the end, do we get where we need to be?

We have a predestined grand plan from the moment we are born. This life plan sets who we are, what we will experience, and the lessons we must learn. Free will sometimes allows us to deviate from that life plan, but the lessons we learn along our path will help us in the next life. So it must be…you have a choice…

Article by Jo-Anne
Edited by Karen C.

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