Allow me to introduce Goddess Chronaris, embodying the essence of time and space. She possesses the ability to orchestrate the gears and mechanisms governing the fabric of space-time.

When we speak of Divine Timing, it is upheld by Goddess Chronaris. She orchestrates events in our lives, ensuring they unfold at specific moments for spiritual reasons. This can be perceived as divine guidance or the workings of a higher purpose.

One of her symbols is the gear, representing the intricate workings and interconnectedness of the universe’s dimensions and temporal aspects. The gear’s rotational movement echoes the cyclic nature of time and the interwoven nature of space.

Another symbol associated with her is the hourglass, signifying the passage of time. With its two glass bulbs connected by a narrow neck, allowing sand to flow from one side to the other, it embodies concepts of time management, impermanence, and the constant flow of time.

Goddess Chronaris’s Message to Humanity

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