Calendar Team – The Volunteers (2015)

Ed MacDonald – Internet Marketing Specialist

Ed has worked as a Web Developer and Project Manager for the past 15 years. He owns and manages SOAP Media Inc., an Internet marketing firm in Ottawa.
Throughout the years, he has cultivated a proficiency in web development and internet marketing, mastering the best practices in website optimization for search engines. His primary focus revolves around ensuring website visibility through Socialization, Optimization, Analysis, and Promotion (SOAP). For further details, please visit his website at

His objective is to design a professional, engaging, and concise website for Women’s Expressions, with the aim of attracting advertisers from other businesses.

Flo Delorme – Editor

Flo possesses a myriad of talents. Proficient in sewing, she graduated from the Professional Sewing program at Robinson School of Fashion and Design in Ottawa two decades ago. Her expertise spans from revamping a baby triple stroller to crafting special event costumes and wedding dresses.

Among her cherished pastimes is reading. With her adept writing skills, Jo-Anne was delighted to enlist her assistance in editing and revising articles for the Women’s Expressions website.

Flo effortlessly captures the essence of stories, engaging readers and evoking their emotions.

For the past three years, Flo has been committed to compiling a family book chronicling the myriad events experienced by her siblings and their descendants. Her aim is to preserve the genuine essence of the Breton family, ensuring it resonates in the hearts of future generations.

Karen Clark – Editor

From her early days in grade five composition class to university essays on Women’s studies, Karen has always been immersed in reading and crafting stories. Recently, she even earned a diploma in Creative Writing, an endeavour that unexpectedly led her into the captivating realm of Romance novels. Through her writing, subjects spring to life, and characters evolve into their own entities. Sharing personal narratives not only inspires others but also fosters connections among us all. Karen believes that everyone has a story to tell, and she excels at helping authors convey theirs effectively.

Coreen Blais – Editor

Coreen was approached by the founder of Women’s Expressions to review some of the articles posted on the website. She enjoys reading the stories and is thrilled to contribute to its success.

Lee-Anne Rose – Editor

Having graduated in Literature, Lee-Anne aims to enhance certain articles showcased on the Women’s Expressions website. She plans to craft a series titled “Friday Night Reminiscing.” Given that this theme resonates with many, she warmly invites your Friday night confessions to be included.

Lee-Anne has a passion for writing about real-life experiences. Consequently, she will be submitting stories and reviewing anecdotes from our followers for Women’s Expressions online magazine. She takes great pride in her role as an editor for Women’s Expressions and hopes that this experience will pave the way for a successful career as a ghostwriter.

Yves Quinty – Photographers

Yves excels in nature and outdoor photography, showcasing his artistic talent. Jo-Anne finds great pleasure in collaborating with Yves, as he infuses the studio with positivity, joy and most importantly, ensures that models feel relaxed and comfortable.

Yves also explores other artistic pursuits, including working with wood, where he specializes in crafting cutting boards. These cutting and serving boards add an elegant touch to any kitchen. You can find his exquisite wood boards available at craft shows in Ottawa.

Finally, Yves also has a passion for coffee beans. He expertly roasts them to perfection, believing that there’s nothing quite like a good cup of coffee. Do you share the sentiment? Yves is the proud owner of Crazy Goat Coffee Co., a specialty grocery store and coffee shop.

Stuart MacDonald – Photographer

Stuart’s hobby is video production, and he also dabbles in photography. When Stuart enters a room to capture a photo, a sense of serenity envelops the space as he exudes a calming presence in the studio. Working with Stuart is a delightful experience; though he may be reserved, his ability to tell a good joke never fails to elicit laughter from everyone.

Hayward Lam – Photographer

Hayward is an exceptional photographer whose passion for photography shines through in his work. His photos are not only creative but also deeply resonate with and inspire us. Without hesitation, I would recommend Hayward for portrait photography.

Moreover, Hayward generously devoted his time to Women’s Expressions, tackling one of the most challenging tasks: capturing underwater photos. With his goggles and waterproof camera, Hayward fearlessly captured the essence of the models underwater. We extend our gratitude for his courage!

As the founder of HLX Photography, Hayward provides professional services for portraiture, fashion, and creative projects in the Ottawa, Toronto, and Montreal areas. To explore his art further, visit:

Francis Chow – Technical Expert

Francis has committed his time to Women’s Expressions, supporting Hayward during his photo sessions. He has taken charge of tasks such as managing lighting, operating the smoke generator, and other necessary preparations to ensure the shoot is flawless. With his dedication and skills, Francis is poised to become a prominent photographer.

Gabrielle-Anne Gosselin – Photographer

Gabrielle-Anne completed a comprehensive photography course and has been honing her skills for about two years. She thoroughly enjoyed her time with Women’s Expressions, and we are delighted to have provided her with the opportunity to conduct a photo session with us. It was a mutually rewarding experience, and we cherished every moment spent with her.

Her enthusiasm extends to participating in community events and conventions, where she dresses appropriately for the occasion. After graduating from college, Gaby aspires to pursue further studies in event planning. We wish her the best of luck in her future endeavours!

Mélodie Bourgoin – Apprentice Photographer and Make-up Artist

Mélodie, having studied photography, is eager to put into practice all that she has learned. She has collaborated with Yves on various Women’s Expressions photo shoots and even took the lead as the main photographer for one of them. With her dedication, Mélodie is bound to refine her photography style and succeed.

Beyond her budding photography career, Mélodie is also a talented singer, having entertained audiences on boat cruises. It is my hope that Mélodie will lend her voice to the Women’s Expressions Theme Song, a composition yet to be created.

Nadine Bursey – Make-Up Artist and Style Advisor

In addition to her other contributions to Women’s Expressions, Nadine also skillfully applies makeup to the models. Once Nadine finishes, we witness a remarkable transformation in each model, highlighting their innate beauty.

Furthermore, Nadine guides the models’ wardrobe choices for the photoshoot and collaborates with them to create poses that complement their individual personalities.

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