Calendar Team – The Volunteers (2013)

Ed MacDonald – Internet Marketing Specialist

For the last 15 years, Ed has served as both a Web Developer and Project Manager. Meanwhile, I own and operate SOAP Media Inc., an Internet marketing company based in Ottawa.

Throughout his career, Ed has honed his skills in web development and internet marketing and has become proficient in the best practices for optimizing websites for search engines.

His primary focus lies in enhancing online visibility through Socialization, Optimization, Analysis, and Promotion (SOAP). For further details, please visit our website dedicated to Internet Marketing in Ottawa.

His objective is to craft a professional and engaging website for Women’s Expressions that is succinct and appeals to other businesses for potential advertising opportunities.

My goal is to create a professional, interesting website for Women’s Expressions that is up to the point and that other businesses would want to advertise on.

Marc Dumontier – Photographer

Marc embraces life as a free-spirited individual, always seeking to live it to the fullest.

He has been passionate about photography for many years and aims to pursue it professionally as a photographer.

Joining Women’s Expressions reignited his love for photography, and he thoroughly enjoys collaborating with the team. Marc’s aspiration is to build a lasting career within the organization.

During photo shoots, Marc relishes every moment and becomes deeply immersed, particularly when he senses capturing a remarkable shot. His expressive nature allows him to communicate his emotions effortlessly. Upon reviewing the shots, his eyes sparkle, a broad smile lights up his face, and sometimes, Marc can’t resist breaking into a spontaneous dance.

Collaborating with Amélie, Marc aims to imbue the photographs with meaning. It’s his responsibility to ensure that the models feel comfortable in front of the camera and to capture their natural essence. With Nadine’s guidance and Ginette’s delightful sense of humour, the photo shoots become enjoyable experiences for the models.

A photoshoot typically lasts 2 to 4 hours and demands patience from all involved. Marc particularly admires the models’ ability to maintain composure despite our constant requests for adjustments.

The Women’s Expressions team describes Marc as convivial, easygoing, perfectionist, and creative.

Michel Lemieux – Freelance Photographer

Recently, Mick developed a keen interest in photography and has taken several courses to refine my skills. As a retired firefighter, he has been taking the role of designated photographer for the firefighters in my community. Additionally, Mick actively participates in fundraising events aimed at supporting children and families in need.

During his time as a firefighter, Mick dedicated himself to educating the public about fire safety, often conducting group discussions in schools during Fire Prevention Week. Although he is now retired, Mick continues to pursue the educational aspect of his career, striving to help my community understand fire hazards and prevention measures.

Mick is delighted to have had the opportunity to contribute to the Women’s Expressions calendar.

Richard Jolin – Freelance photographer

Photography is my part-time hobby and I have been active in this line of work for many years. Most of my work has been dedicated to helping models develop their portfolios in pursuit of their dream careers.

My other passion is travelling. I had the opportunity to visit many countries, of which I have kept many wonderful memories engraved in my mind and, of course, on film. Through my camera’s lens, I discover a new world.

I am very happy to have contributed to the Women’s Expressions calendar, and I am looking forward to working with the team in the near future.

Dave Hunt – Video Producer and Freelance Photographer

Photography is his part-time hobby, and Dave has been actively engaged in this pursuit for numerous years. Much of his focus has been on assisting models in building their portfolios as they pursue their dream careers.

Another passion of Dave’s is travelling. He has had the privilege of exploring many countries, each leaving a plethora of delightful memories etched in his mind and, naturally, captured on film. Dave continuously uncovers new worlds through the lens of his camera.

“It brings me immense joy to have contributed to the Women’s Expressions calendar, and I eagerly anticipate future collaborations with the team.”

Amélie Deschênes – Artistic Designer and Make-Up Artist

Here are a few thoughts from Amélie: “I must confess, I have a strong affinity for all things feminine. I take pleasure in showcasing my pink umbrella adorned with frills and the exquisite jewelry I collect from my international travels. Makeup holds a special place in my heart, and I’ve explored nearly every brand available.

I thrive on changing my appearance regularly, sometimes even altering my hair color within the span of a week. During my teenage years, I delighted in applying makeup for my girlfriends before our evening outings. I believe in enhancing natural beauty with a delicate touch of makeup, finding beauty in everyone I encounter.

Working with Women’s Expressions has been a wonderful opportunity to meet incredible individuals and apply my artistic talents to a diverse clientele. As a makeup artist, the most rewarding moment is witnessing the models’ appreciation for my work after completing their makeup application. Seeing them feel confident and rejuvenated brings immense satisfaction.

I’m also involved in the artistic design of the photoshoot sets, collaborating with the models to discuss the creative layout based on the given theme. The set plays a crucial role in complementing the models’ desired portrayal of themselves.

Being a part of Women’s Expressions has brought excitement into my life, providing me with opportunities for creative expression.”

The Women’s Expressions team describes Amélie as tender, loving, caring, creative, artistic, and eager for change.

Ginette Peterson – Technical Assistant and Operations

Ginette has taken on various responsibilities with Women’s Expressions, including assisting the photographer in setting up the photo shoot stage and lighting, motivating the models, fostering connections among team members, and providing operational support. She is confident in her ability to adapt to any role necessary for the success of Women’s Expressions. Leveraging her business expertise, Ginette envisions a career in operations within the Women’s Expressions enterprise.

Ginette’s involvement with the team began when Jo-Anne, my neighbour and founder of Women’s Expressions, mentioned her plan to create a calendar and the need for resources such as a makeup artist and a photographer. Ginette promptly took action, making phone calls and scheduling meetings with potential candidates who were eventually recruited and are now integral members of the Women’s Expressions team. As the photo shoots progressed, Ginette found herself drawn into the project and became part of the technical team.

“I take pride in being part of the Women’s Expressions team and cherish the friendships I have developed with my colleagues over time. With Women’s Expressions, I feel free to be myself. I enjoy humour and can see its positive impact on the models. My sense of humour helps alleviate stress for the models and creates a comfortable atmosphere in front of the camera. My role within the organization enables me to network with a diverse range of people, expanding my circle of acquaintances and friends.”

How the Women’s Expressions team describes Ginette: funny, lively, nurturing, and grounded.

Robert Kennedy – Photoshop Expert

Robert runs a business specializing in photo restoration, manipulation, custom slide shows, and posters. He takes pleasure in accentuating individuals’ best features and crafting images that align with specific themes. For more details on his services and to view examples of his work, visit his website at

“The pictures of the models featured on the Women’s Expressions website home page are samples of my work. I am grateful to Jo-Anne for giving me this opportunity, and I look forward to undertaking similar projects in the future.”

Lee-Anne Rose – Editor

Lee-Anne, a Literature graduate, aims to enhance articles featured on the Women’s Expressions website. She plans to curate a series titled “Friday Night Reminiscing,” a theme resonating with many. Lee-Anne welcomes contributions of Friday night confessions from interested readers.

Her passion lies in writing about real-life experiences. Accordingly, she will submit stories and review anecdotes shared by our followers for the Women’s Expressions online magazine.

“I take great pride in my role as an editor for Women’s Expressions, and I aspire to establish a successful career as a ghostwriter through this valuable experience.”

Zoé Gervais – Editor

Always drawn to diversity and challenge, Zoé embodies the traits of a true Gemini. Her academic journey reflects this inclination for change, transitioning from a Science degree to earning a Business certificate, followed by studies in Psychology. Throughout her education, Zoé acquired a diverse range of expertise, allowing her to engage in various projects. Despite the alignment with her fields of study, Zoé consistently found herself drawn to written communication. For the past three years, writing has been her primary occupation, and she finds joy in every moment spent pursuing this newfound passion.

“I deeply value my involvement with Women’s Expressions, as I believe this organization has the potential to empower women globally and foster a network of mutual support and friendship.

Working as an editor has provided me with the opportunity to connect with remarkable individuals and explore their unique life experiences. It has become evident to me that each of us leads an intriguing life, and by delving into our own experiences, we can uncover compelling stories.”

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