Annie’s Photoshoot – Women’s Expressions 2015 Calendar

Behind the Scene

The theme of Annie’s shoot was ‘Yoga’ and we chose an early autumn morning at the tenth hole on the golf course for its setting. We had a two-hour window to shoot before any golfers would reach the back-end of the course. The air was crisp with a backdrop of glistening rich crimson and golden fall colours. The early morning sun accentuated the brightness of these colours intensifying the tattoo on Annie’s back and left arm.

As Annie performed each pose with ease and grace, we saw the elegance of her movements as she changed from one pose to another. For Annie, the practice of yoga has helped her remain centred as she has navigated through various aspects of life including student, worker and mother of two lovely daughters.

The day kicked off with a beautiful, quiet morning, but the wind started to pick up, making Annie’s hair messy and making it hard to maintain the poses for a long period of time. The ground was uneven, making it more difficult to keep balance. The small black flies enjoyed our company and wouldn’t let us go.

It was evident that the photographer and Annie had synergy. Hayward’s incredible talent in orchestrating the angle of the camera to capture the beauty of the poses, along with the beautiful backdrop, created the perfect picture.

As Annie performed her yoga, we could see the definitions of her muscles. Back in the studio, her tattoo became more evident, captured beautifully on camera while she posed. The lighting was at its best to show the gracefulness of the poses.

Yoga is a very serene practice of connecting mind, body and soul where one goes within oneself to find peace and silence. As Annie positioned herself into each yoga pose, we could clearly see how she became centered.

Going forward, we all want to gain the benefits of this connection between the mind, body, and soul.

Article by Joanne
Edited by Karen C.

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