Annie – Women’s Expressions 2015 Calendar Model

Ms. September – Annie
Serenity / Sérénité

Annie is a long time yoga practitioner. She lives a very busy life caring for her two daughters while finishing her teacher’s degree and working part time. Yoga helps Annie to decompress. Yoga has many physical and spiritual benefits. Some of the spiritual aspects are improvements to your self-esteem, provides inner strength, builds awareness, provide feelings of compassion and interconnection. You can observe from the photo shoot that Annie was at peace with herself showing her elegance with every yoga pose.


When we are serene we are calm and at peace. The practice of Yoga and Meditation, Hot Baths, Massages, Walks in a Park or any other means of relaxation can help you achieve this state of mind. We live in a world of overload where all of our senses are over stimulated. Internet has an abundance of information, the busy cities are crowded with things and people, we are expected to deliver the same throughput but with less people in our workday, personnel responsibilities are increasing with expensive homes and busy children. This creates the noise around us. Schedule some downtime in a peaceful environment and Serenity will prevail.

View Annie’s Photo Shoot – ‘Behind the Making of the Calendar’

Article by Joanne
Edited by Karen C.

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