Year 2016 – A Goddess Year

2016 – Year of the Goddesses

Year of Self-Actualization with Divine Feminine

Year 2016 is the year of the Goddesses; a year that divine/sacred feminine will start to prevail.  What does this mean?

Let us start by defining Goddesses.  In modern society, we qualify goddesses as women who are greatly admired by their beauty and become popular because of it; some may represent sexual figures to humanity. In mythology, they are female deities with supernatural powers. But the true meaning of Goddess is a woman who fully actualizes her sacred feminine qualities.  These qualities relate to her relationship with her lover/partner, her parenting with children, her inner urges to express herself and her creativity, her profound caring about all aspects of her life, her powerful feelings such as love, joy and sorrow and her free will to experience it to a deeper level and express them freely.  Goddesses see everything as important – people, situations, material possessions, opportunities – as they are part of her life in order to self-actualize. The Goddess knows that all of these have a purpose, one of transformation of her being on Earth.  The Goddess holds this space in time and performs little miracles based on Love, Giving and Nourishing.  She also reminds others of their own Truth.

So what are we doing about our divine feminine today?  Year 2016 will unleash the Goddess in each and everyone one of us at some level. We can be aware of it or not, it doesn’t matter but the world will change because of it.  We are starting to see it more and more.  With all the tragedies on Earth, people are coming together to help, to care for and ultimately to make peace with the dreadful situations.   There are more prayers done in mass, more group meditations and more kind humanitarian actions.  It’s like Gaïa (Earth) is enforcing it upon us to respond better to our own and to better serve the world.  It is now time for a new Earth, a new Gaïa. When we live with divine essence, we do not destroy or disturb but we transform the energy to bring resolution and, to finally reach harmony and love.

We all have the divine feminine, men included, just like we all have both female and male hormones;  these hormones are necessary for our survival.  It is the same for divine feminine and divine masculine; they are both essential for us to function in life. We need only to keep the divine feminine in balance with the divine masculine.

What are the sacred qualities related to the Goddesses (divine/sacred feminine) and the Gods (divine/sacred masculine)?  Let’s look at the qualities in some of the Goddesses:

Goddess Athena: wisdom, courage and arts
Goddess Skadi: strength, courage and endurance
Goddess Aphrodite: love, beauty and pleasure
Goddess Quan Yin: mercy and compassion
Goddess Justicia: justice and spirit of moral order, fair judgement
Goddess Diana: hunt, moon and childbirth

Qualities of divine masculine are: action, direction, movement, responsibility, strength, focus, fatherhood, sun, generosity, encouragement, material abundance, clarity, intellect, transformational growth, etc.  (reference:

What is next?  If we can become more aware of these divine qualities then we can become it.  The energies that will be emanated from this transformation will also affect others around us making them more conscious of them and then, that is where the miracles happen.  People will transform more people and more people. The energy on Earth will change to a better world.  You need not to enforce it upon others.  It is just by being your own True Self at your highest state of your being that this will happen.

So live consciously this year and be your True Self. Draw more goddess qualities in yourself so you can make a difference in the world!


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