Year 2014 – An Angelic Year!

What 2014 will bring to all of us?  I am sure that it definitely will not be a continuum of experiences that we have lived in 2013.  Don’t get me wrong, what I have lived was life’s lessons which has made me a total different person today.  I have been going through a profound transformation; this being realized somehow without me being conscious about it.  Now that the year has passed, I now realize that I have evolved spiritually and these experiences have made me see the world in a totally new perspective.  The way I see my life and my environment are through another window; one of gratitude, love and forgiveness.

It all started in the summer of 2012 when a bird hit my office window.  It hit so hard that the sound resonated throughout the whole area and my colleagues came rushing in my office wondering what had just happened.  All we could see was a little bird lying down on a small rock and it was hardly breathing.  The commissionaire of the building went rushing outside to see the bird and came back announcing that there was nothing we could do to help him.  Everyone came and gave their respective meaning of this situation.  The one I remember the most was that ‘Death is coming to haunt us’.

At first I thought nothing about it.  I know for a fact that the reflection of the sun on a clean window may mirror the sky and the birds may mistake it and continue to fly into it. But then, I realized that the sound was so loud that it definitely wanted to get my attention.  After all the bird hit the window at exactly where I was sitting.  It was definitely a message for me.

I called my intuitive friend and asked her the meaning of the bird hitting the window. She didn’t hesitate to give me the answer.  It was clear to her that I will be getting a new perspective on life.  How strange was this?

After this event, I just continued living my life and getting more educated on ‘Spirituality’ by reading books and attending different seminars.  During the summer of 2012, things started to happen.  As I recall, it all started mid-July the time my whole life was going to be taken away from me or…. is it a break to prepare me for higher consciousness and awareness.

Firstly, my sister and I needed to attend to my mother’s needs starting from that summer and there forward.  She was becoming more confused; her Alzheimer was becoming more serious; her osteoporosis was advanced and made her very fragile and susceptible to broken bones.  It all started with a tumor on her face that had to be removed locally.  This was a day surgery which means that she was an outpatient which implies that we had to bring her in and out of the hospital on the same day.  Four days later, she fell and broke her wrist which meant another day surgery.  This was just the beginning with multiple falls and multiple broken bones and daily surgeries and infections and ….. these unfortunate events continued throughout 2012 and 2013 until December 30th 2013. With only me and my sister to take care of her we each went through allot of emotions, fatigue and missing work.

Secondly, Women’s Expressions had to be ready to be exposed to the world.  The Canadian and US trademark was being evaluated and adjustments needed to be done. The web site had to be reconstructed. It had crashed in mid-august because the old framework couldn’t support the new required functionalities and components.  We needed to have the new WEB site ready for the Ottawa’s Women Show in early October 2012.  At the same time, my calendar was to be completed with the perfect template and photos.  I was still writing the stories about the models and the stories of the making of the photo shoots and learning how to crop videos and upload them onto Youtube.  I was dedicated to make Women’s Expressions a success by putting 24 hours’ work in the weekends and 4 hours every night until December 2012.

My daily work in IT was getting very busy with managing teams on different major projects; it was heavy and the energy didn’t flow with mine very well.  I didn’t enjoy working in IT as much as working as a Kinesiologist (first career). I remember crying my way to work.  The only way to get me into work was to treat myself once in a while with a Grande Late from Starbuck.  I remember a day where a car was parked at Starbuck and the front plates had the word ‘Angel VP’.  I just laughed and knew at this moment that the angels were sending me a message of hope and that help is on the way to get me through these hardships.  I remember my first day in IT in 2000, I wanted to quit right there.  Unfortunately, at the time, I had 3 children to care of and had no choice to continue on this path for the moment. The income was the most important factor for me. It had to be so!

Nevertheless I wanted the success of Women’s Expressions and nothing could stop me from realizing this dream, I paid the price. I was irritated and aggressive. Finally, I had to let go.  Living through these life lessons I soon realized that I was becoming a new enriched person.  Year 2013 was a break from Women`s Expressions, it was a year of spirituality, transformation, a change in perspective.

I know that I am not the only one to live through this life transformation as many of you have also experienced life lessons; some are more difficult than others; it all depends on your perspective of life; your window by which you see life itself.  These experiences have one main purpose and it is to make you grow. This year I know that the angels are coming in our world more than ever to help us all to become a grander version of you, one that vibrates at a higher frequency and through this we provide greater help to humanity by coming together as one.  I know that the year 2014 is going to be angelic.  You will experience some unexplainable adventures; follow your guides, follow your bliss and your dreams.  It is all coming together.

My focus is to write more about spirituality and provide guidance to those who are open to receiving.  I will post many articles and book reviews in the tab ‘Energy’ and provide you with tools that you can apply. I will also be giving workshops.  Stay connected and tuned into the Women’s Expressions vibration. 2014 will be a year of awakening, of transformation and of goodness worldwide.  You make the decision to make it happen!  It all starts with you!  Show all that you are and lead by example.

Women’s Expressions is taking you to another dimension!

May 2014 be a year of self healing, forgiveness and openness to giving and receiving!


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