Women’s Expressions Donation to Interval House of Ottawa – 2013

In 2013, Women’s Expressions sold 157 calendars to family, friends and co-workers. In total and with great effort of the Women’s Expressions team, we succeeded to give a grand total of $1,665.00 to Interval House of Ottawa. That is, $1,570.00 was from the calendar sales and $95.00 was from the Bank of Montreal donations. It was our first year in giving to the foundation. All in all, we had fun doing the calendar photo shoots. It allowed a group of friends to get together for a good cause. With the help of volunteers, we worked together in unison to achieve a goal; the goal to give back to the community.



Women’s Expressions wants to thank our devoted photographers – Marc, Richard and Dave – as well as our technical helpers – Brian, Nadine, Ginette and Amélie. You can view the Women’s Expressions Volunteers’ Profiles.

Women’s Expressions wants to thank the models, the pioneers who had the courage to pose in front of a camera knowing that they have never done this before. You can view the Women’s Expressions Models’ Profiles.

It doesn’t take allot to help. It takes only one idea, one person who can change the life of many. Let Women’s Expressions be an example. If you desire to work with Women’s Expressions in the future, send us an e-mail at JLandriault@womensexpressions.com and let us know how you would like to contribute.

Giving back to the community is the best thing one can do, especially when life has been good for you!


In the featured photo are the following persons (from left to right): Nadine, Charlene, Jo-Anne and Della
In the central photo are the following persons (from left to right): Jo-Anne, Nadine, Charlene and Della

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