Time Heals all Wounds

I am the youngest of five children. Life has given me a wonderful life partner who I married a long time ago and with whom I have given birth to two beautiful and healthy girls. From my perspective, life is extraordinary. I strongly cherish my family, my friends, and above all, life itself.

Life has also brought along obstacles that I have managed to overcome. I recovered from a stillborn delivery, followed by a miscarriage; both events happened two years apart. During my final maternity leave, I replenished my energy by the means of Mother Earth, and this allowed me to continue with my life. I undertook gardening and have not stopped since. Rain or shine, I would till the earth. This was my way of releasing, bit by bit, my mental suffering which I had acknowledged and was now ready to let go. According to a Native woman, this practice is the natural approach to healing wounds caused by our life experiences on Earth. I remember feeling appeased and tireless.

When these two unfortunate events occurred, I needed to be present, physically and mentally, for my beautiful 5-year-old daughter Camille. What grieved me the most was announcing the sad news to my daughter, who was waiting for a younger sibling with open arms. How would I tell her? Fortunately, life always seems to provide us with the necessary resources, which in our case was a wonderful pediatrician. She suggested we convey the news to our daughter by showing her a picture of the deceased baby we called Élise. In spite of the stillborn delivery and the miscarriage, I managed to become pregnant a fourth and last time in 2002, giving birth to a healthy baby we named Alexanne. She was full of life!

It is true that “time heals all wounds”. I must admit that for some time I felt guilty about my unsuccessful pregnancies, but after discussing with many people, I realized that they were lessons of life. From that moment on, I stopped questioning myself. Admittedly, I often recall these events. However, my angels have given me the courage and strength to overcome them. I can feel their presence and can imagine them sitting on a cloud, side by side, waiting to help and protect us when we need them.

On a more positive note, I have learned to discover my inner self and become the woman that I am today. Being a Libra, I am creative, energetic and very sociable. I seek tranquility and inner peace, and I am very generous. When making decisions, I am somewhat ambivalent and I am striving to rectify this particular aspect of my personality. I usually evaluate the pros and cons meticulously before deciding. I try to develop harmonious and peaceful relationships with everyone I know. I also procrastinate and, depending on the situation, this can represent a quality or a flaw!

My love for fitness training drives me to the gym six days per week. I do strength training, spinning, and yoga. In the winter, I regularly go downhill skiing and skating. I eventually wish to try snowshoeing, kayaking and mountain climbing. I try to eat well and keep myself informed with current healthy eating practices. I enjoy having great food and drinks in the presence of people I love.

I still have much to discover. Sewing, drawing, Chinese calligraphy and tea tastings are only a few of the activities I want to explore. I currently harbor many dreams, such as: climbing a mountain to surpass myself, working with rescued animals (from the jungle or tropical forest), completing a humanitarian mission (building institutions, helping women and children), and going on a sailboat cruise to feel free like the wind.

To conclude, here is a simple saying that my friend has shared with me and that has kept me focused on the essential things in life: “Love overcomes everything.”

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Story by Nicole
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