Sherlock Holmes (Part 3) – A Plan to Claim our Car Back!

All you want to be is a good citizen, a good student and build a nice career with a promising future. Sometime life throws you some interesting challenges and you find yourself in situations that you could have never imagined.  This is one of them. What a horrible feeling to be viewed as a thief when you’ve done nothing wrong.  It takes only one person to put you into that situation that wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy.

“How could life have brought me here?”

Our Triumph TR7 car was stolen by a pilot, which in turn he then sold to a used car garage and skipped the country.  What could we do?  My boyfriend and I were both attending university and we had our bills to pay, including the car loan.

Our first approach was to report the incident to the police. We then met with an agent at a private investigation bureau and told him what had happened. We were looking for good advice from him so that we would do the right thing – legally.  After taking some notes, the agent told us to come back in a week as he would perform his own investigation. When we returned the following week, the agent told us that the sport car was now owned by the garage. As I heard the news, my I could every heart beat in my chest. I was shaking. I felt abused…cheated on…the worst thing that can happen to you legally and there is nothing you we could do.  The agent strongly advised us to pursue the individual who had forged his signature in selling the car to the garage through the courts. He advised us to leave the garage out of it as they were an unsavoury lot with whom we should not get involved.

Ok… We needed to figure out a plan.  There was nothing that the police could do for us. What do we have to lose? We decided to be part of the action. Simon-Sherlock Holmes and his lifetime partner (which I call Mrs. Watson) my boyfriend plotted to steal the car back.  After which Simon-Sherlock Holmes proposed that we hide the car for a period.  So here was the plan. Mrs. Watson (my mother-in-law) and my boyfriend would stop by the garage and view some cars and ask to take the Triumph for a test drive. The sales person would not be able to accompany them because the car was a two-seater. This was perfect! Only my boyfriend and Mrs. Watson could ride.  Meanwhile, I was waiting at the corner street ready to follow them to a place so we could hide the car.  It was an underground parking space reserved for Simon-Sherlock Holmes’ office.

We were comfortable with processing with our plan. After all, we had advised the agent of our plan.  He did not advise us against doing this. We told him that if the Triumph TR7 was reported stolen it would be a case where the owner was rightfully reclaiming their property.

Have you ever had a planto reclaim a stolen property? What was your plan?

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Story by Joanne
Edited by Karen C.

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