Sara’s Photo Shoot – 2015 Women’s Expressions Calendar

Behind the Scene

It was early morning on a beautiful day that felt like summer even though it was late September. As with some of the other shoots we also chose the golf course for Sara’s shoot. The beautiful pond which was located on the back nine of the golf course allowed access until about 10:00 – 10:30 A.M. I had to ask permission from one of the residences so that we could access the pond through their backyard. In addition, another neighbour had the perfect canoe for our shoot and with permission we used it as well. It seemed like the whole neighbourhood was part of Women’s Expressions.

Sara was representing an angel and showed in her reflection in the water. She wore a borrowed wedding from Jean, another one of our calendar models. At first when Sara tried the dress on, all of her colleagues teased her. Sara is a team lead with a great sense of humour. They were saying that Sara is a wonderful and beautiful angel with perhaps some devil’s horns…

As Sara walked down the aisle at work, everyone was curious to see what she was carrying in the big white dress bag. Sara tried on the dress and couldn’t believe her eyes when she looked in the mirror. It was perfect! As if it had been made to measure.

We had to reschedule the initial photo shoot as Sara was sick with a cold. Two weeks later we ended up with a blue clear sky and temperatures in the mid-twenties. Nadine applied Sara’s make-up and I curled her hair. But the final touch came during the photo shoot scene when we added the wings to her wedding dress. The angel was born, the Angel of Grace had appeared. Brian helped Sara get into the canoe, while Nadine and I held the dress to prevent from it from getting wet. Brian managed to get the canoe into position by using a long tree branch. While we were positioning Sara and the canoe, Yves and his assistant Mélodie were setting up.

The water was calm and we could definitely see Sara’s reflection in the water. The greenery was a vibrant colour. It was the perfect day. Following the session with the boat, we continued with Sara on the deck. As the sun became stronger, some of the golfers were curious about what was on, although it didn’t prevent them from playing golf. Perhaps their golf swings were a wee bit off due to our distraction. Brian, a golfer, laughed and joked with them as he knew all of them very well.

After this wonderful photo session, we returned to our home and cheered both our model and the technical team for having such a wonderful session. This photo shoot will be a most memorable one because of its natural setting and the early morning sunrise. It created a paradise-like environment. The whole session was carried out with calmness.

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Article by Joanne
Edited by Karen C.

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