Reiki Session – Contacts with Loved Ones

Are you familiar with Reiki? It is a form of healing energy that enhances well-being. I decided to try Reiki when I was suffering from health issues with my back, during which time I was unhappy with my job. At the time, I was taking some spiritual classes and one of my teachers was a Reiki master. I was not too sure of what to expect. On the other hand, I have always loved trying out various alternative healing techniques. To me, they are very soothing and allow me to learn new things.

My first Reiki session took place in the same building as my courses. The master had a special room set up with a massage table, slow relaxing music and burning incense. I sat down on the chair and was asked to pick out an angel card. After discussing its meaning, I was directed to lay down on the massage table fully dressed with a blanket placed over me. The master asked me if I had any special intentions, then she positioned her hands over my head and stayed there for a while. She was receiving all sorts of messages and was asking me if any of them resonated with me. She continued communicating her messages and visions while her hands drifted over the rest of my body, stopping at my energy centers.

Once she was done, she said we had a few more minutes left and asked if I had any other questions. I could not think of anything else. She suggested the idea of communicating with someone who had passed away. I was stunned and replied that I did not know she could do that. I agreed to her suggestion. I never had the chance to say goodbye to my mom when she passed away. I was robbed of my last moment with her and have always regretted this. This being said, the master called my mother’s higher self to see if she was willing to present herself. So I waited. I suddenly felt a warm pressure surround me, followed by a vision of my Dad coming towards me, and then nothing. She said that my mother had left, and asked how I felt and what I saw. I told her about the pressure. “Yes, that was your mom giving you a hug!” she said. Oh wow! I was so pleased and relieved. I was teary-eyed. It meant so much to me. I then told her about the vision of my Dad. “Ah! I was wondering why I had to pull away from you. There was no room for me since your Dad was there too” she said. I had a lump in my throat; I was so happy that they had both showed up.


A year later, I scheduled another Reiki session. This time, I asked if we could have my aunt’s higher self pay me a visit. She soon came through. This time, I was told that my aunt wanted me to know that I was right and that what she had believed was wrong.

You see, my aunt and I had had several discussions about death and she firmly believed that once you decease, nothing else follows. I used to argue that I believed life goes on, that there was more to death than we think, and that I could not believe that there was nothing else. Having my aunt agree with me was a big step. It was one of the few times that my aunt acknowledged she was wrong. Go figure, she did it from the other side! The Reiki master also mentioned that my aunt thanked her for the opportunity to visit; no one had ever done that before with her.

I am so grateful to have been blessed with these two encounters with people that mean so much in my life. These experiences have allowed my eyes, my heart and my soul to continue believing in my own truth and to trust in myself.



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Story by Sylvie T.
Edited by Zoé G.


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