Nicole Saumure – Women’s Expressions Calendar Model

Nicole is 51 years old and is a lively person who enjoys company. She is very generous and sensitive. Nicole likes spending time outside where she finds peacefulness and where life seems to be at a standstill. To keep in good shape, she practices the following physical activities: spinning, strength training, yoga, meditation, aerobics, alpine skiing, ice skating and snowshoeing, just to name a few.
For Nicole, the joy of life is preparing a nice meal, setting up the table while listening to music and savouring good wine. For her, it is about creating a cosy atmosphere, meant to entertain the people she loves around a good table… I lift my glass to Nicole!

The following is a citation from Goethe that adheres to Nicole’s philosophy of life: “Have trust in yourself and you’ll know what living is all about.”

View Nicole’s Photoshoot – ‘Behind the Making of the Calendar’.

View Nicole’s Story – “Time Heals all Wounds”

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