Nancy’s Photoshoot – Women’s Expressions 2015 Calendar

Behind the Scene

Nancy’s theme was Empowerment. As a successful businesswoman and business coach, Nancy was the ideal choice to represent this topic. She empowers all who want to thrive in life. She has helped many people find their businesses and set their minds for success.

Nancy’s photoshoot occurred on the 6th hole of the golf course. As the video demonstrates, it was an ideal location for this photo shoot. The scenery, a view of the city, represents Empowerment – on top of the valley.

The time of the photo shoot took place at sunset. The model and the technical team worked all day and were dedicated to this photo session. The rays of the sun were a bright orange colour, intensifying the colours of the leaves. The wind blew the sheer material of Nancy’s dress. Her orange dress complied with the season.

We had to keep the model warm, so I put Nancy’s coat on her shoulders in between shots. Nonetheless, the sun shined on Nancy’s face, keeping her somewhat warm between takes.

Nancy posed like a professional model. Nadine hardly intervened. Instead, she encouraged Nancy with every pose she took and gave a few tips here and there. Nadine was also responsible for the video production of this shoot since I was busy with the model and Brian was absent.

Mélodie was our photographer. We were all women gathering for this last photo shoot for the Women’s Expressions calendar. The photo session was made in less than two hours breaking a new record time.

Nancy’s smile said it all. She is definitely a woman of Empowerment and happiness within.

Article by Joanne
Edited by Karen C.

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