My Life Path – From Homeschooling to Teaching to Writing!

I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Ottawa, had one brother and was part of a close-knit extended family. From a young age, I was interested in art and literature and loved to spend most of my spare time drawing and reading. In school, I enjoyed creative writing, literature and art classes. Seeking adventure and inspiration, the travel bug bit me when I was very young and I made my first trip to BC. Inspired by the immense beauty and free spirit of Vancouver Island, I moved there permanently with my young daughter and husband when I was nineteen. Desiring to pursue an education and a career in the arts, I set my career goals aside for a time and raised and homeschooled my three bright and beautiful daughters for a total of twelve years. Always ahead of the trends, I also elected to provide them with a healthy organic lifestyle, raising our own food, dairy and veggies in a pristine rural setting.

After thirteen years of marriage, I became a single mom and free to finally pursue my passion; I went back to school! This was such an exhilarating time for me! Although my days were spilt between work, children and school, I was thrilled to finally be following my dream and using my talents as well as my mind. I felt as though my life was beginning anew. Through hard work and determination, in 2008 I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies from Vancouver Island University with top marks. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of my university program and the most gratifying and exciting part of my degree was that it concluded with a seven week study period in Italy where I studied renaissance art and architecture! I lived in Florence for six weeks where I was taught daily by a resident art historian and professor. This time in Italy, where I also visited Tuscany, Rome and Venice was the happiest and most inspirational time of my life. Following this, I continued to live my dream and visited Paris, the French Riviera and Scotland!

Going back to school as an adult student was an enriching and rewarding experience that I would recommend to anyone who has yet to grab hold of their dreams. The roads that we travel in life build our character and make us who were are; I am proud of the many paths that I have taken. If you have a vision and believe in yourself it’s never too late!

Right after graduation, I worked for the Francophone Association of the Comox Valley teaching adult French classes and working in the after-school homework club. Also, I applied for and obtained my current position teaching French and English as a second language at CFB Comox to the Canadian Forces personnel for their language training. I am proud to facilitate the acquisition and appreciation of Canada’s official languages.

On the side, because of my love for writing, I like to dabble in creative writing. I also enjoy translating and editing which I have lately had the pleasure of doing for the Women’s Expression web-site. In the very near future, I hope to continue down the writing path and go back to school to obtain my master’s degree and maybe even eventually become a ghost writer.

I love nature, people, travel, art, reading, writing, painting, music, dancing, hiking, camping and studying, and continue to fill my life with wonderful friends, good times and exciting adventures. I try to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle and I am truly grateful for the abundant life that I enjoy.

Story by Lee-Anne
Edited by Lee-Anne C.

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