My Journey to Cancer Healing – Introduction

On August 6th, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I was told directly by the radiologist during the ultra sound. The words keep on repeating in my head day after day and today it still remains locked inside of me. I am one of many women who has gone or is currently going through this hardship. Hearing about it and having it is definitely not the same. At first, the feeling of ‘DEATH’ immediately comes to mind but then with time, ‘HOPE’ comes along our way.

I know that we are all touched by someone who has cancer among one’s family, friends and/or co-workers. I remember in 1979 when my aunt Lil had passed away from breast cancer after a mere 1.5 year battle. At 41 years old, she was a warrior as she had four beautiful daughters to take care of, the youngest being 7 years old, in spite of her health condition. I clearly remember how the whole family supported her and lived through all the emotional stages from diagnosis to treatments (chemo-therapy) with hair loss and subsequent sickness, to remission and to cancer recurrence. At the end, she gave up, she had no more energy to battle this disease. The whole family (brothers and sisters and their respective children as well as her parents) was together at her beside before she passed away at the hospital. It was not a good feeling then and I still remember it as if it was yesterday. The emotional state of waiting for her final breath was horrifying. She was not prepared to die; courses or guide on death preparation at the time were unknown.

I was 19 years old back then, and my aunt was my second mom. I would visit her after my school day at university. Then one day, as I made my usual visit, she confided in me. During her remission phase, my aunt Lil told me that her cancer had returned, she could feel it and she had not much time to live. I was devastated by the news and told her to change her mind and think positively and that it is only a ‘FEELING’ and not the reality nor a proven fact yet. But her intuition didn’t lie. I cherish my aunt very much; she was the most courageous woman I knew.

‘I love you aunt Lil! I know you can hear me. You have taught me the biggest lesson in my life. You have shown me that your own feelings are the most trusted beliefs you can rely on.

Here I am 2 weeks after my surgery, and trying to write down my journey into cancer healing or is it more like my journey to a major transformation of self while going through cancer treatment… I hope that this is not just another story for you, that I can heartedly bring you on a journey of enlightenment along a pathway that will empower you.

I invite you to open your heart and allow yourself to receive any insights that resonate with you along the way. Welcome to the journey of enlightenment!

Article by Jo-Anne
Edited by Flo D.

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