My Journey to Cancer Healing: Messages from the Universe

The Universe sends messages regarding one’s personal progress down life’s path. I perceived that the messages I received some few months ago were to undoubtedly awaken the conscious fact I had developed a cancer.

I maintain a personal journal of daily activities where I write about my life’s events, my dreams and aspirations and messages received during meditation.   Drawing from my writings, I would like to share with you some of the episodes that lead me to believe that the Universe clearly and timely communicated my health status.

During the fall 2014, I was sickened with a bad cold.  Racked with a serious cough, my concerned husband insisted on a medical consultation, which I then ignored.   During the same period, I was overly tired, fatigue was disturbing my life to a point that I couldn’t put any time towards the work I most cherished –Women’s Expressions.  I blamed the stress experienced in my life for the past 18 years: long drawn out divorce, caring for my ailing Mom, a change of career, IT consultation work on high profile projects – hence, a very busy life. One day, I was coughing so much that my colleague asked if I needed help. This was the tipping point. Perhaps the lack of oxygen or a problem with the thyroid gland could be the reason for my extreme fatigue?  I knew then that I needed to see a doctor.  I hadn’t had a medical exam since 2011, it was probably time to get checked out.

At some time in May, a colleague friend of mine announced that his wife had cancer and was waiting for the results of the second biopsy. The news troubled me deeply.  From that moment on I enquired about his wife’s health status regularly.

May 15, 2015 – I had a doctor’s appointment which included a full medical exam during which I raised the concern of my ongoing cough and extreme fatigue.

May 30th, 2015 – It was Saturday and I was very tired so I decided to stay in my pajamas and watch movies all day. Two of the movies related to people who battled cancer. Although viewed for the second time, the film ‘Step Mother’ featuring Susan Sarandon (as Jackie) and Julia Roberts (as Isabel) still moved me to tears. The story depicts the beauty of an affectionate relationship which develops between the ex-husband’s partner Isabel, and the ex-wife Jackie and the children. It clearly demonstrates that it is possible to create harmony in a family after a separation between two parents despite the repercussions experienced in the aftermath.  However, the film’s very sensitive scenarios led me to question and reflect on the difficult path I once walked, and so concluded that no matter what happens in life it is essential to accept what has been dealt, to achieve a fulfilling life.

June 26th, 2015 – My numerology card was number 71 signifying ‘Health’ and number 66 meaning ‘Healing’. I thought that this information was relevant to my persistent and unbearable cough. After many medical tests, I was prescribed a bronchodilator inhaler and corticosteroids which although did not completely eliminate the cough, provided some relief.  So I decided to associate this cough to dust allergies and bad air circulation in an enclosed building. The message from the Universe was to change my work area.

June 27th, 2015 – As I meditated, I received the message that the reason for my ailment and fatigue was because I was not providing ‘Service’ to humanity or working at my life mission. Since my mother’s illness and her passing in 2014, I have not been able to work on Women’s Expressions after an office work day.

Saturdays were then dedicated to resting since I couldn’t function anymore. My body was trying to tell me that it was definitely fighting something which took a lot of energy.

July 16th, 2015 – The message received during my meditation that day is that my role at the office should be more focused on project planning at high level and on empowering the teams to perform at their very best.  In my position, I am duty-bound to encourage a collaborative work environment.  I was advised to better manage my stress and conserve my energy level to allow a better performance throughout the days and into the evenings.  I had to be centered, and sustain an emotional balance.

July 26th, 2015 – I developed a stiff neck syndrome that lasted over 3 months; I felt the pain along my spine at the cervical level and down towards the right shoulder blade. I suspected it was work related stress, probably self-imposed. The cause may also have been related to my stationary position sitting in front of the computer for long periods of time without a break. I opted for massage therapy to resolve this type of muscular pain just as I had done in the past, but surprisingly it was not effective.  The Universe was trying to catch my attention to let me know there was something seriously wrong with my health.

July 30th, 2015 – I felt the accumulated fatigue through my body to my core.  I was at Mont-Tremblant on a weekend vacation relaxing with a friend of mine and her colleague enjoying the summer breeze.  I somehow knew that this short period of rest would not help overcome my fatigue.  Something was definitely wrong with my health but I couldn’t figure it out. What a coincidence that these two ladies happened to have a career in nursing and worked in the operating room. Was this fresh knowledge put in my path as a message of a possible future surgery?

August 2nd, 2015 – As I mediated, my guides asked me what color comes to mind.  I said ‘Pink’ to my surprise.  I never call for pink as I always liked ‘Blue’.  Today, I know the reason – ‘Pink’ is the color of the ribbon for cancer.

In the days that followed, all I could hear on the radio and on the news was the word ‘Cancer’, such as the cancer fundraising campaign, or learning of people I knew who were touched by cancer.  I tried to ignore the word, but somehow the mere mention of it captured my attention for all its implications, repeating scenarios in my head.

August 3rd – An acquaintance was diagnosed with cancer; the cancer had spread throughout her body.  Immediate chemotherapy treatments were prescribed.  I was devastated and couldn’t sleep very well that night.

August 6th – I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The news was communicated immediately after my ultra-sound and second mammography.  Dumbstruck, I felt numb at first, had no emotions and moved like a robot.  I came out of hospital with a pamphlet on the biopsy procedures in my hand.  I remember clearly saying to my husband that day: “‘Cancer’ is only a word…. It is now treated effectively…. I am good with it”.  The Universe had prepared me for the news; it was all planned in advance.  I took the situation very lightly at that moment.

In the grand plan of your life, the Universe always informs you on how you are doing and guides you to where you need to go. Whether you are conscious of it or not, it doesn’t matter – the Universe will always send you signals.  If you can capture the messages, you could live a more conscious life.  Isn’t it a marvelous way to live?

You can find out how to read the Universe messages with the tools that Women’s Expressions will display in the future. Meanwhile, grasp the words of the first song you hear when you turn on the radio, or figure out the writing on the license plate of the car that cut you off this morning, or pay attention to the words that someone is saying to you — these are starting points. They may not be significant to others but they are messages to you.  Cheers!

Article by Joanne
Edited by Flo D.

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