My Journey to Cancer Healing – Healing Session with Max the Healer

In November 2015, I was introduced to Max the Healer by my friend Sara.  Sara conversed with Max on line and he did a Distant Healing for her. She had a fall in July 2015 and was unable to walk without having great pain and difficulty.  Max indicated to her that at a certain time, she was to lie comfortably on her bed and he would proceed. Note that Sara is also a healer and therefore knew the routine.  Max is located in Montreal and Sara lives in Ottawa. After 30 minutes of healing and with great success, Sara was able to get up and walk without difficulty.

After Sara’s experience and because she was greatly concerned for my health issue of breast cancer, she suggested that we go to Montreal to see Max the Healer.

I had recently gone through surgery and the tumour was successfully removed.  Because of Max healing capability, I knew that I could benefit from a healing of the wound and perhaps help with other ailment that I have in my body.  We then communicated through Facebook and I had an appointment for 1:30 P.M., Saturday Nov 21 in Montreal. It was exactly one month post-surgery.

Sara and I drove early in the morning.  We arrived safely and earlier then expected so we took time to eat lunch.  We then arrived at Max’s home at his new advanced free time.  My first impression of Max led me to believe that he is authentic and very caring of others. We introduced each other and it didn’t take long to get acquainted. I felt at ease and we started the session.

At first, Max explains the procedure.  I sat comfortably in a chair facing Max and feet apart.  My hands over his, he started scanning my body.  Max is undoubtedly gifted; he could feel great emotions in me.  He suddenly stopped; he was overwhelmed by it all.  Once he recollected, he continued on.  The next step is the healing process whereby Max applies both hands side by side at 4-5 inches from your body.  You are responsible to communicate the change in temperature: either heat or cold.  If there is a change in temperature, it is a sign that the area needs healing.  You also must grade the temperature: 1 being very low in the spectrum and 10 being very high. No change in temperature indicates a healthy area.

For me, the body areas that were of high temperature, were the right top frontal of my head, the cervical area near the spine and the right side of my upper back near the shoulder blade.  Once healing is applied in an area, Max continues on to others after which he returns to the original areas of healing to evaluate if more is required.  He repeats this process until you evaluate that there are no more body temperature changes indicating that the healing is complete at this time  and space.  Sometimes, it takes many healing sessions to fully eliminate the pain but in my case I could sense a significant ease. I was healed by Max.

When I first walked into Max healing session, I was unable to turn my head sideways because of the pain I suffered for so long.  This pain was more intense after my surgery and was persisting until this day. Even my monthly visits to my dedicated massage therapist were not sufficient to alleviating the pain. I was therefore stunned by the healing miracle. The days that followed and to this day, I don’t experience any pain in my back.  Sometimes I feel a slight uneasiness but it goes away as soon as I stretch my back and neck.  As to my top right frontal area, I don’t know why healing was necessary but I have confidence that there was a need for Energy intake through Max.

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Max spent a few hours with Sara and me. Sara and Max discussed energy work, for she is a Reiki Master and were sharing ideas.

I highly recommend Max the Healer and I will definitely call him for long distance healing sessions between my preventative treatments from cancer.  I am thankful to have Sara in my life and to have met Max the Healer. Thank you Sara!  Thank You Max!

Max has been performing healing for 6 years.  He is a blessing to many who have received his healing and remain to this day a very humble and caring healer.  Max also had the opportunity to perform a healing session with a person that was near passing to the other dimension; his healing allowed him to ease his physical body and pass with ease and grace.  I have no doubt that the spiritual guides are present during his healing sessions to allow Max to be at his highest best in providing service to humanity. If you wish to communicate with Max the healer for a session, here is his web site:


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