My Journey to Cancer Healing: Battle with Cancer

As I walk down the path of my journey to cancer healing, it is difficult for me to hear the words “He has lost his battle with cancer”.  Today is Saturday January 16, 2016; I am watching the televised broadcast of issues that are at the center of world interest, and my mind wanders…

It has only been one week since the pathological analysis confirmed the actual size of the cancerous tumor removed from my left breast was 2.5 cm, a sizable difference from the original 1.0 cm.  At the surgeon’s announcement that chemotherapy as well as radiation were the appointed procedures to better treat my condition, I was in deep despair and consumed with anger.

Monday and good work intentions;  believing I could manage a normal work day, the struggle to accomplish a 5.5 hour day was all my state of mind allowed.  I headed for the tranquility of home to arrive at a decision on the proposed treatment.  With resolve, I decided to undergo the preventive intervention for the betterment of my health and to address the program with ease and grace.

In order to proceed with my decision, I reviewed the positive aspects of my being; I am physically healthy, I never felt ill when the cancer was present in my body. Therefore, I decided to change my belief system in relation to the preventative treatments after surgery.  Here is my new approach. The radiation and/or chemotherapy would be the perfect mechanisms for releasing the old programs embedded in the cells of the twin strand DNA. By destroying these cells, the body would undergo a cleansing of the original makeup.  According to metaphysical and spiritual concepts, the body would then make way for high vibration capability by developing 12 strand DNA structure cells. The activation of the codes within these new cells would be facilitated by applying practices such as meditation, affirmations, hypnotherapy, energy modalities, etc.  As a result, I would be living as one with advanced spiritual meaning and openness. With this new belief in mind, I am certainly setting myself up for a cancer free body.  I am convinced that you can transform yourself if you truly believe it.

Then came the news of the death of three worldwide known personalities:

  • David Bowie – British singer; Space Oddity is one of his popular song; battled cancer for 18 months, died on Monday, January 11 (reported by CNN)
  • René Angélil – husband of Céline Dion and successful businessman; René died on Thursday, January 14 after a long battle with throat cancer (reported by
  • Alan Rickman – actor and known as Professor Severus Snape in Harry Potter; diagnosed in August 2015 and died on Thursday, January 14, 2016 following a short battle with pancreatic cancer (reported by

The media communicates to the world that these beautiful persons have died after a “battle with cancer”.

A “Battle with Cancer” means to me that it is a fight where one wins and the other loses.  This is not the picture I want to visualize mentally, certainly not at this time of my life.  My perception of being in a battle with cancer signifies that if one day my system is weak, the cancer will take advantage of my weakness, invade my body and eliminate me.  This is definitely NOT how I want to envisage my life to be.  I want to eliminate the word “BATTLE” in my vocabulary.  I want to set my belief system onto a healing pathway which will allow my body time to heal gradually while living life to its maximum by absorbing the beauty and the love of all that is.  Cancer, like any dis-ease, needs to be attend to and I agree that in many cases it requires medical intervention.  But our journey here is not to battle but to LOVE every moment of our life experience.  That is how I choose to live.

For everyone out there with a physical or mental dis-ease, you must believe in your higher self and make this journey here on Earth count. You must accept what is presented on your journey and believe in healthy living, and then life will align with what you believe.

Article by Jo-Anne
Edited by Flo D.

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