Lia Sophia Fundraising Events – Christmas Season 2014

Highlights of the Events

In the Fall of 2014, Jo-Anne (Women’s Expressions) with the collaboration of Laurie Poliquin (Lia Sophia Jewelry) have organized several fundraising events: two (2) events at Jo-Anne’s home and two (2) events at Jo-Anne’s work place.  These events were successful.

Laurie had contributed to the cause of Women’s Expressions – to raise money for Interval House of Ottawa.  Interval House is located in Ottawa and provides emergency shelter for women and their children fleeing domestic violence.

Laurie has donated 10% of her commission to Women’s Expressions.  A total of $300.00 was raised because of her generosity.  We would like to thank Laurie for her dedication and time.  We know how much work is involved in transporting the jewelry, setting up the tables, presenting the jewelry, taking orders and delivering the merchandise within a record time before Christmas. It was a fun event and very rewarding.

Jo-Anne would also like to thank her dearest friends and her co-workers (men and women) who contributed by placing an order with Lia Sophia.  At the same time it served another purpose, the art of giving for Christmas. We have succeeded our mission for 2014: giving to those that are in need.

Women’s Expressions was able to add $300.00 to the amount already raised from the calendar sales – a total of $1,880.00 was given to Interval House of Ottawa on June 4th, 2015.








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