Jean’s Photo Shoot – 2015 Women’s Expressions Calendar

Behind the Scene

Jean’s photo shoot was to be performed underwater. Jean courageously donned a two-piece bathing suit for the photo session. There was one little problem: we didn’t have an underwater camera and there was no photographer available on the day of the shoot. Francis, a colleague of mine, knew a photographer friend, Hayward, who might be able to help us. By chance, Hayward was available for the entire day and shot two photo shoots for our calendar. Francis assisted Hayward with the lighting and the smoke generator.

It was a beautiful hot ‘summery’ fall afternoon. The pool was heated to 86 degrees allowing both the model and the photographer to stay in the pool as long as they needed.

We began taking a few photos indoors at the studio, so that the model and the photographer could become acquainted.

We then proceeded with the outside session. We started to capture a head shot, and then a typical water shot. Jean’s hair was dry and her make-up suited her perfectly. Her eyes were as blue as the colour of the water in the pool. Once completed, we proceeded with a wet-hair look and finally with Jean floating surrounded by flowers.

The last take was performed underwater. The photographer had to put his goggles on so that he would have a clear view of the poses and be able to trigger the camera at just the right time. Jean performed the underwater poses many times to capture that right pose. It was very exhausting for her. It was indeed a full workout which Jean managed very well, continuing until we were all satisfied. The chlorine kept getting into her nose as she was posed backward underwater. Of all the poses, this one was the most difficult.

We tried everything for Jean’s photo shoot: wet & dry head shots, smoky water, floating on water surrounded by flowers and finally underwater shots. It was a complete set of photos.

The smoke added another quality to the images especially with the headshot over the water. This pose was my favorite but because of the commonality of the photo, another photo was chosen for the calendar.

At approximately 4:00 PM, Jean was floating on the water and the sun was shining through the clouds. A ray of sun hit Jean’s beautiful eyes which made them green and stunning. We chose this shot for the calendar.

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Article by Joanne
Edited by Karen C.

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