It’s a Twin Thing!

I’m sure many of you have wondered what it would be like to have a twin. Well, I am lucky to have been born a twin. An identical twin, we have the same DNA as a matter of fact. It is called ‘Monozygotic twinning’ which occurs in birthing at a rate of about three in every 1000 deliveries worldwide (Wikipedia). We have the DNA test to prove it! As a twin, I am blessed with an everlasting sense of completeness. My sister and I share a very solid, indescribable bond that makes it almost impossible for us to be apart for long periods of time. In addition to our strong connection, we share many parts of our lives. We share very similar values, we share the same line of work and we perpetually partake in each other’s family life. However, as you read on, you will notice that life isn’t always rainbows and butterflies when you’re a twin…

I want to start by giving a short description of our past. We were raised by our loving and hard-working mother. She set a good example for us early on in our lives, transmitting values of perseverance, humbleness, resourcefulness and, most of all, love. My sister and I enjoyed spending time with our mother at the salon where she worked as a hairdresser. Chirpy and creative, our mother was always the hit of the salon. Clients loved her, and still do! As it turns out, we both followed our mother’s footsteps. We are now proud owners of a hair and nails beauty salon. Our mother works alongside with us and we provide clients with a family-like environment that keeps them coming back!

The fact that we are identical twins and that we have the same occupation often has people thinking that we are identical in every way. But these assumptions are far from reality! My sister and I may look alike on the outside, but we have many differences on the inside. For one, I am more reserved, more introverted. To minimize risk, I embark in a lengthy reflection before making decisions. As for my sister, she seeks opportunities for change. I characterize her as a very ambitious social butterfly. I should have known that her daring nature would one day motivate her to make a decision I will never forget…

My sister had been in a healthy relationship for four years. She and her boyfriend were ready to take their relationship to another level. They decided that they should move to a bigger city a few hours away and buy a new house. This can’t be possible, I kept thinking. My sister and my nephew played such a big part in my life, how would I manage to function without them? When she put her condo up for sale, I was devastated. I decided to purchase it from her as it would somewhat remind me of her. My sister was beginning a new adventure and I wanted to be happy for her, but I kept feeling resentful. I remember our final goodbyes… I couldn’t stop crying. I recall even running after her vehicle when she left, crying hysterically. She was starting a new life with her son and boyfriend, far away, while I had to keep the same daily routine, wishing they were still part of it…

At first, my sister enjoyed her new city life. She would visit me every second weekend. I still couldn’t forgive her for what she had done, but I took advantage of every waking minute with her. It was hard to let her go after a few days, time and time again. After a few months in her new environment, my sister started to miss her old life. She began making excuses to stay over for longer periods of time. After four months living apart from our mother and me, my sister couldn’t take it anymore. She decided to move back home.

This difficult episode proved to both of us that we can’t live apart. As single mothers, we offer each other much-needed support and love, and through our relationship, we lead happy fulfilled lives. I get teary-eyed thinking of the care she provided me with during the birth of my child. We now each have a son and we wish for them to be able to cultivate a great connectedness as they grow older, just as my sister and I have had the chance to experience…

Are you a twin? Are you close to a brother or sister? How does kinship benefit you and your entourage? Perhaps you’re an only child and wish to share your experience with us? We want to hear from you! Send your story at . Your story can be the next featured article on the Women’s Expression’s WEB Site!

Story by Carine and Sandrine
Edited by Zoé G.

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