Hell-oh! Salut!

Please allow me to introduce myself…My name is Gilles Mongeon. I am a single man, a proud Canadian, and in my many adventures trekking the globe,  have lived in many wondrous places including South America, the Caribbean, and most recently eastern Africa (Nairobi & Lamu island Kenya). I speak five languages and simply love life!

I have a bachelor of arts in philosophy as well as two college degrees in social work. I am an educator currently teaching kindergarten at a French school in Kanata and an avid athlete. I am also a writer, a human and animal rights activist, an artist/musician singer songwriter,  as well as a world traveler philanthropist as “Head of Happiness” for my private  international development project and charitable organization called [Peace~Works!]. It is my purpose and endeavor in creating a positive “pay it forward” mission and motto towards a worldwide shift in consciousness for all.

Someone once told me to get a life… and I did! Realizing my dreams through risk, courage and curiosity for traveling the world while helping others help themselves and creating kinships and connection is what drives me… It has always been about striving for so much more than what’s on the surface and find what’s on the inside… Seeing the truth about the world for myself… People, politics, cultures and impulse have opened my heart and exposed my soul to endless journeys and passionate possibilities…Finding myself again through fascination in seeing the world through the eyes of a child. I am an open hearted warrior of the light & dharma devotee whose sole purpose is magical/mystical moments within the lifecycles of the universal energy- Music is my one mystical magical  mantra and a unique universal form of communication that transcends all borders…~

In the summer of 2011, I was performing a live show with my band [Junktion] at a friend’s private party (Gilles Duford, the calendar shoot’s location owner) and met Jo-Anne Landriault. That’s when a new exciting chapter in my fabulous life was writing itself and a path of opportunity presented itself. Furthermore, I feel connected and drawn to these amazingly successful and positive people.  Jo-Anne approached me and asked if I would be interested in participating in a special project she was creating and the rest, as they say, is history! I have the honor and privilege to be the first male in the first edition of the Women’s Expressions calendar! I am especially proud of what this organization stands for and represents and I had an absolute blast highlighted by tons of fun creating the calendar all together. It empowers women within positive energy with a remarkable crew of volunteers, administrators, technicians, make-up artists, etc. More importantly, the great causes they represent and support solidify the nucleus of this great group of supreme soul sisters and brothers!

I feel as though this is only the beginning of something great with so much more to come… Jo-Anne Landriault and company are building and putting forth a unique vision of an innovative and effective business model at the service of women who have built and continue to build this country, their/our communities, and future considerations while building foundations for  their families and friends toward a common goal. It is so inspiring and refreshing to witness ordinary people doing extraordinary things that they believe in and back up with actions rather than words and their hearts. They are realizing their dreams for a prosperous life for all involved. I feel enriched and appreciative to know and work with such devoted visionaries and gurus of good!

It is easier to truly find your purpose and dare to live your dreams when the universe conspires to give you what you need if you allow it too and read the signs… Karmic kudos to Jo-Anne and her team that has done just that in creating www.womensexpressions.com  and many thanks to them for sharing it with me and us all!

PEACE be upon you and yours on this journey of life~

Follow  your  heart…Peace & love to one and all!~

Mille mercis a tous!



Story and Edited by Gilles M.

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